Since they're set into the head, your eyes are protected from many injuries. But when something goes wrong with the eyes, you need to take it seriously. Prompt medical attention for eye problems can save vision! Some eye conditions and first aid treatment for them include:

Chemical Burns

It's not unusual to splash chemicals into the eyes in the workplace or at home.

First aid care for chemical burns includes:

  1. Encourage victim to remain calm and keep eyes open until they can be flushed. Closing the eyes traps the chemical in and does further damage.
  2. Flush eyes generously with water. Have the person keep eyes open during flushing.
  3. Get medical care.

Foreign Object in the Eyes

The eye will often clean itself of debris with tearing, so no treatment is needed until you're certain that the object cannot be removed by itself.

If not, first aid care for foreign objects in the eyes includes: 

  1. Prevent person from rubbing the eyes.
  2. Have him or her lift the upper eyelid up and out over the lower lid. Then have him roll eyes around.
  3. Flush the eyes generously with water. Have the person keep eyes open during flushing.
  4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 until object is eliminated.
  5. Follow up with a doctor to make sure all debris is gone and the eye has not been scratched or damaged.

Blows to the Eye

First aid care for a blow to the eyes includes:

  1. Gently place a cold compress over the eye. Do not put ice directly on skin but use a cloth in between ice and skin.
  2. Seek medical attention.

Cuts or Puncture Wounds of Eye or Lid

First aid care for cuts or punctures includes:

  1. Do not wash eye or lid.
  2. If there is an object embedded in the eye, do not remove! You may do further damage.
  3. Cover the eye with an eye shield, or if not available, the bottom half of a paper cup will do. Tape the shield gently over eye to secure on face.
  4. Seek medical care.