Fibromyalgia iPhone and Android

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Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain and fatigue. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases estimates that 5 million U.S. adults have this disorder, and most are women.

As if the unpredictable bouts of pain aren’t bad enough, fibromyalgia poses a host of other challenges. It can be difficult to treat since it has no identifiable cause. And symptoms can come and go without warning.

It’s important to track your symptoms carefully so your doctor can assess them and create a treatment plan. Consider these fibromyalgia apps to help you track symptoms, manage pain, and more.

My Pain Diary

iPhone rating:
4.5 stars $4.99
Android rating:
4 stars $4.99

Chronic pain is a symptom of many diseases, including fibromyalgia. My Pain Diary is an app that helps people dealing with chronic pain track their symptoms. This app even has a built-in weather tracker to help you prepare for elements that might increase pain, such as decreases in barometric pressure and humidity.

You can select areas of the body that hurt whenever pain comes up throughout the day. A color-coded calendar makes it easy for you and your doctor to recognize patterns of pain. 

Pain Diary — Catch My Pain

iPhone rating:
4.5 stars Free
Android rating:
4 stars Free

Pain Diary — Catch My Pain is both a short-term and long-term tracking system. Keep a record of where and when your pain strikes to help your doctor give you a proper diagnosis. Then you can use the app to determine whether or not your symptoms are improving under treatment.

The app can sync with your loved ones’ devices so they can see your progress. It’s free, but you can also upgrade to a pro version for iPhone ($1.99) as well as Android ($2.77).

Manage My Pain Pro

Android rating:
4.5 stars $3.99

Manage My Pain can help you track chronic pain. Create a personal profile and then input information about your symptoms into the daily trackers. The app can produce charts to show your family, friends, and doctors. This can help your doctor and loved ones better understand what you're going through.

Manage My Pain is free, but you can upgrade to a pro version for $3.99. The pro app offers backup information and has a more comprehensive tracking device. 


Android rating:
4 stars $2.99

Symptoms of fibromyalgia include pain and fatigue. FibroMapp helps you track both. It’s a journal and symptom tracker in one, and it can help you keep tabs on sleeping patterns.

You can also tell FibroMapp what medications you’re taking so that you and your doctor can determine if they’re working. Color-coded records make it easy to identify patterns and show the information to your doctor. 

Chronic Pain Tracker

iPhone rating:
4 stars $9.99

Keeping tabs on your fibromyalgia symptoms is crucial for pain relief. The Chronic Pain Tracker can help. Besides helping you keep tabs on where pain hits, the app contains 19 different trackers to help you identify other features of pain, such as:

  • triggers
  • intensity levels
  • severity

You can track other related symptoms of fibromyalgia like blood pressure and bowel movements. Convert your information into a printable PDF file to take with you to the doctor. 

Fibromyalgia Magazine

iPhone rating:
3.5 stars Free
Android rating:
3.5 stars Free

The Fibromyalgia Magazine app is an electronic version of the popular magazine of the same name. The magazine has offered tips and news for patients dealing with fibromyalgia since 2000. Now you can conveniently read the same information on your mobile device.

Fibromyalgia Magazine is free to download, but you’ll have to pay a subscription fee if you want full access to current and back issues. 

Better Treatment Through Tracking

Fibromyalgia is a complicated disease that has no known cause or cure. It can only be diagnosed based on longstanding and distributed pain, so explaining symptoms to your doctor can be difficult.

Use these apps for their tracking tools and to stay up-to-speed with the latest news and information. They may help improve your quality of life. 


We selected these fibromyalgia apps based on their potential to aid people in dealing with fibromyalgia in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps include user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to fibromyalgia and the fibromyalgia community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make fibromyalgia more manageable.

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