Infertility is stressful on each person in the relationship and on the couple as a whole, and coping with this problem can be extremely difficult. Having plans and knowing where to reach for support can help couples find the help they need when the anxiety and worry has become too much to handle alone.

Research Your Options

Before entering into the decision to have a baby, know your options if natural conception does not work. Decide in advance what kind of procedures each person is willing to have if assisted reproductive technologies are needed, and make a plan with your doctor to follow these treatment options. 

Set Limits

Fertility treatments can be financially draining, and many couples tell themselves they will exhaust all means to conceive a child, leaving their finances drained whether or not they are successful. Before you begin treatments, talk with your doctor about costs, and make a plan for how much you’re able to spend before looking at alternatives. 

Seek Support from Others

Many fertility specialists and doctors can recommend support groups or counseling services to couples who ask for assistance in handling the emotional and psychological stress that often accompanies fertility treatments. These support groups may be especially helpful in the event fertility treatments are not successful.