Infertility treatment should be closely monitored by a doctor or fertility specialist, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant that won't require special supervision.

1. Don't do anything to hurt your fertility, which means avoid smoking, using illegal drugs, and drinking.

2. Increase the frequency of sex with your partner, but know that men who ejaculate too frequently (more than once in a 48-hour period) may have reduced sperm count.

3. Monitor the woman's cycle. With the help of your doctor or fertility specialist, identify times when the woman's cycle indicates she is most likely to become pregnant—which is during the middle of the menstrual cycle, between periods—and increase frequency of sexual intercourse in those times.

4. Men should avoid hot baths and whirlpools—both increase temperatures around the testicles, which slow down sperm production.

5. Avoid using over-the-counter steroids or testosterone products. Both can harm fertility.

6. Adopt a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight, eating right, and getting adequate exercise are not only great ways to naturally increase fertility; they also prepare bodies for the toll of pregnancy and parenthood.

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