Physical Exam

This will check the overall condition of your body and will likely include a detailed examination of your penis and testicles, including for sensitivity. A lack of sensitivity could indicate a nerve problem.

Blood Tests

A blood sample can help the doctor spot some of the diseases that could be the root cause of erectile dysfunction. These can include diabetes and heart disease. These tests can also indicate if low hormone levels are an issue.

Urine Tests

A sample of urine can also show signs of a disease, like diabetes or other problems, which could be causing your ED.


This test is used to examine the blood vessels in the penis to see if flow of blood is playing a part. Learn more about ultrasounds

Nocturnal Erection Test

Men usually have erections at night as they sleep. Your doctor may want to see if you do. According to the Mayo Clinic, this involves placing tape on the penis before sleep. If the tape has separated overnight, this indicates an erection. This test can determine if the ED is a physical problem or a mental one. Learn more about nocturnal erection tests.

Mental Exam

It can indicate if the ED may stem from mental issues like low self-esteem or anxiety. The patient's sexual partner may also be interviewed.