Unresolved Symptoms

Talk to Your Doctor
Open and honest communication with your doctor is vital to getting better. Only when you are willing and able to discuss all aspects of your treatment, recovery, and mental health will you be able to find a treatment plan that best suits your symptoms, lifestyle, and needs.

Record your symptoms. Vague descriptions of “not feeling well” or “not being able to sleep” do not help your doctor very much. Record what you’re experiencing. Keep a journal, and write down when you have difficulties or don’t feel well. Be sure to include everything you’re experiencing—you may think your symptoms are unrelated to your MDD, but your doctor may be able to identify another problem.

Be honest. One of the biggest problems with depression treatment is noncompliance. Whether it’s because the prescription is too expensive, you keep forgetting, and you don’t like the side effects, if you’re not taking your medicine, you need to tell your doctor. They will assume you’re following instructions, so if you’re still experiencing residual symptoms, they will assume it’s because the treatment plan isn’t working—not because you’re not following it.