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Try these easy partner exercises to build strength and stretch your body. You'll be getting exercise, plus taking time to relax with a friend or family member.

Park Bench Push-ups

When you're walking outdoors with your exercise partner, kick the workout up a notch with some tandem dip and curls to shape your triceps, abs, and thighs. Facing outward from the bench, partners place their hands slightly behind them, with each partner grasping the bench at their sides.

To add an element of friendly competition, see who can do the most park bench pushups in 30 seconds. For proper form, partners should inch themselves off the bench, keeping their backside as close to the bench as possible. Partners should then walk their feet out, positioning their knees directly over the ankles. Each partner should extend their right leg, resting their right heel flat on the ground, keeping the foot flexed.

Now comes the push-up: Partners bend their elbows straight back and lower themselves while at the same time contracting their abs and pulling their right knee toward their chest. Then partners push back up, extending their right leg (but don't touch the ground). Be sure to set a timer for 30 seconds before the challenge begins; each partner keeps track of their own count.

Ab Bicycle Crunch

There's no bike involved in this workout--"bicycle" refers to the foot-to-foot motion that you and your partner share during this exercise.

Both partners lie on their backs. Begin with your feet flat on the floor, keeping your legs bent and going toe-to-toe with your partner. Next, both partners lift their legs, pressing the soles of one partner's feet against the other's feet. Both partner's legs and feet should be elevated, with thighs perpendicular and calves parallel to the floor.

From this position, each partner should contract their abdominal muscles, lifting their head and shoulders up off the ground. Here's where it gets tricky. One partner needs to pull their right knee toward their chest and to extend their left leg, while the other partner does the opposite, pulling their left knee into their chest and extending their right leg. The goal is to move in unison, continuing to press against the soles of each other's feet. As the partners bring one knee into their chest, they should focus on twisting their torso to meet that knee. Hold the pose for a second, and then repeat on the opposite side.

HealthAhead Heart Hint

As you get further along in any workout program, it can become more difficult to stay motivated. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends asking family and friends to join you in your workouts to increase your chance of sticking with it. Exercises built for two are a great way to get more mileage from your exercise plan--consider trying a few more partner moves.

Healthy Heart Reminder: Are you still putting down the saltshaker? Try to go the rest of the day without picking it up. Make it easier by enjoying our delicious, low-sodium recipe for Southwest Chicken. You can cook up this tasty meal in just a half-hour!