Q: What changes under healthcare reform will help me as someone seeking coverage?



The healthcare reform law ensures that everyone is able to purchase health insurance. If you have an existing health condition, you will not have to wait for coverage. You also will not be charged more because of your pre-existing condition. Plus, the law aims to make shopping for health insurance coverage easier for consumers. Plans are presented all in one place: the exchange. There, you can compare plans to one another, weigh your options, and make a choice that fits your budget and needs. Plans are also categorized into metal tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These categories help you compare plans of the same caliber to one another. For example, all Gold plans should cover, on average, 80 percent of expected services.

In addition, the healthcare reform law ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits on medical coverage for essential health benefits, and you cannot be kicked out of your health insurance plan if you get sick and have greater needs.

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