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Cold and Flu Prevention

Forgo the coughing, sneezing, and those achy headaches this cold and flu season. Yes, that’s right: there are steps you can take to avoid getting sick and remain healthy throughout the year.

As you may have guessed, your best defense is the flu shot—but that’s not all you can do. Learn where germs could be lurking at home, work, and school. Practice good hygiene and strengthen your immune system with delicious and good-for-you juice recipes that will help you stay symptom-free and attack those tiny invaders.

Become a pro at shirking sickness, and everyone will be asking what your secret is next cold or flu season. 

Secrets to Never Getting Sick

Whether you're 16 or 60, these tips will help prevent you from catching colds, flus, and other infections throughout the year.

The Annual Flu Shot: Is It Necessary?

An in-depth guide to the flu shot: how it works and why it’s important—particularly for those at greatest risk.

Immune System Juice Recipes

We developed these tasty juice recipes to help boost your immune system and protect you against the cold and flu this season.

Free or Reduced Cost Flu Shots

Fighting the flu has never been easier. Doctors’ offices, clinics, pharmacies, workplaces, and even grocery stores have been offering flu vaccines in recent years.

Does Wearing a Mask Prevent the Flu?

In 2010, the CDC revised its guidelines for flu prevention to include facemasks and respirators as devices that can cut your flu risk.