Kids Cold and Flu

It’s that time of year again: the kids are back in school—and they’re bringing home more than just homework. Your little munchkins are touching, playing with, and getting their hands and mouths on cold- and flu-causing germs.

Prevent miserable cold and flu symptoms by teaching your kids germ safety. Proper handwashing techniques and sneezing into the crook of the elbow instead of the hand, for example, can protect them from getting the sniffles or worse. These methods, along with knowing when to keep your kids home sick, can thwart a flu epidemic at school.

Perhaps most importantly, learn which treatment methods will make your sick child more comfortable until he or she is back to being an energetic, healthy kid.


Preventing the Flu at School

Being vaccinated and staying home when sick are two vital ways to keep the flu out of schools.

Quick Tips for Treating Kids

Learn safe and effective treatments for your children, when you should call your pediatrician, and how preventative steps they can take to stay healthy.

School Sickdays

Preventing the spread of flu in schools helps keep everyone as healthy as possible. Determining when the child is well enough to return, however, can be tricky.