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From Womb to World

Wearing a wrap with baby inside allows parents to go about the day’s tasks with freedom and ease. Not only that, babies get tremendous benefit from close contact with their caregivers. In the book Wrapping and Unwrapping Material Culture, anthropologist Nancy Ukat Russell explains that carrying babies in a wrap helps them transition from the womb to the outside world by providing familiar movements, warmth, and closeness.

Wraps also tend to be the most versatile carriers since they’re able to grow and change with your baby. Though they may seem intimidating to tie at first, once you get into the rhythm, putting one on will become second nature. For the basic front carry position, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Find the center of your wrap and fold it in half lengthwise.
  2. Place wrap across your natural waist and cross in the back to let fabric lay flat.
  3. Take one tail and raise it over your opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other tail so you have an X crossing your back.
  4. Tuck both ends through the fabric covering your waist and cross the ends to form another X (this is where your baby will sit).
  5. Then tie the remaining fabric around your back or waist, depending on how much length is left and what feels most comfortable.

Once you get your baby into the wrap, maintaining safety is the key. Your baby should be high enough so you can kiss him on the head. Never place your baby in a sideways position. Keep her spine parallel with your own. Don’t cover your child’s head with any excess fabric that might obstruct his airway.

You may have heard about a recall regarding baby carriers. This 2010 recall only applied to a specific type of sling, known as a bag sling that holds babies sideways, not wraps that hold babies upright. The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides more information on this recall.

The Best Wraps

Boba Wrap

4.5 stars — Under $40

For babies aged newborn to 18 months, the Boba Wrap is built for a comfortable, custom fit. The cotton and spandex blend means the fabric will keep its support long after the first few uses. Once you get the hang of it, you can even nurse on the go.

Some reviewers commented that the thick fabric gets hot during the summer months. The stretch can occasionally feel less supportive in certain configurations.

Sound like a fit? Get yours here.

Moby Wrap Original

4 stars — Under $50

The Moby Wrap is 100 percent cotton, machine washable, and made in the United States. Like the Boba, it comes in just one size, but it can be wrapped for individual fit and different wearers. The fabric of this wrap is strong and supportive.

Heat generation continues to be an issue, as parents describe that it’s uncomfortable to wear this wrap in the summer months. At the same time, most enjoy the many color and print options available, including sports team logos.

Sound like a fit? Get yours here.

Baby K’Tan Active

4 stars — Under $60

If you want a wrap without all the complicated wrapping, check out the Baby K’Tan Active. It slips on like a t-shirt and comes in different sizes. Better yet, it’s made of polyester and blocks over 90 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Choosing your right fit might be tricky. If you plan on sharing carrying duties with your partner, it might also prove frustrating when you aren’t the same size.

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Moby Midweight Modern

4 stars — Under $50

In an effort to address the heat issue, Moby created this Midweight Modern wrap. Just like the original, it comes in one size that fits everyone and doesn’t have any fussy snaps, zippers, or other closures. The primary difference is the lighter-weight fabric.

Reviewers continue to share that it can be tricky putting the wrap on their bodies. These same people say it just takes a few uses to learn the ropes.

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Ergobaby Wrap

4 stars — $80

Though the company is best known for its other baby carriers, Ergobaby Wrap earns solid marks. Unfortunately, it’s one of the highest priced in the category. The weight restrictions are also a bit tighter, between 6.6 and 31 pounds. For this reason, most wearers do not use this wrap beyond the first year.

One unique feature is the storage pocket that lets you stow the wrap away when it isn’t in use.

Sound like a fit? Get yours here.

Snug as a Bug

Wearing your baby in a wrap is a fantastic option for when your little one is still in the fourth trimester (first three months of life) and needs closeness. Wraps have been used by different cultures for centuries to soothe babies and give parents freedom to carry on with life’s responsibilities.

Enjoy this special period before your child is up and out, exploring the world. It goes by fast!