Crowdfunding for cancer causes has never been so easy

"Team Ryan" raised over $8,000 for his Leukemia battle!

The word “cancer” always leaves a room silent as family, friends, and patients ponder about the uncertainty of the future. Cancer takes an enormous physical and emotional toll on the patient and everyone around them. With statistics indicating that one in approximately three people will develop cancer in their lifetime, the suffering almost seems unavoidable.

The physical and emotional pains of cancer are apparent, but people often forget that cancer also takes a financial toll on the family. In addition to the high cost of treatment, cancer almost always takes a family member out of the workforce, essentially reducing a two-parent family's income by half. Depending on type of cancer and treatment, costs can balloon to over $15,000 annually. In fact, average annual health care expenses for newly diagnosed cancer patients younger than 65 years old were $16,910 in 2007. Compound that cost with a loss of wages, and families are faced with an often insurmountable bill.