Best Breast Cancer Videos of the Year

Breast cancer affects, and takes, countless lives each year. In the United States alone, about 12 percent of women will have invasive breast cancer at some point in their lives.

The following videos can be sources of information, inspiration, and confirmation that you aren't going through this alone. Use them to spread awareness or to learn about your options before, during, and after breast cancer.

7 Essential Steps for Breast Cancer Prevention

From identifying the right early detection methods to minimizing toxic exposure, breast cancer survivor Dr. Veronique Desaulniers presents seven steps you can take to minimize your risk for developing cancer.

Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations for Women at Average Risk

While mammograms can detect breast cancer early, they may have some unintended negative effects. This four-minute video from JAMA shares the updated breast cancer screening recommendations from the American Cancer Society, and teaches women about the potential for false positive findings and overdiagnosis that can come with mammography.

Cancer - Real Call Getting the News

Aniela knew she was at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. But just three days shy of her scheduled preventive mastectomy, she received a phone call from her doctor informing her that she had stage 1 breast cancer. This is that call.

Did You Know That Breast Cancer Behaves Differently in Black Women?

Breast cancer outcomes differ among women. As you'll learn in this video from MadameNoire, black women often get breast cancer at a younger age and are more likely to die from the disease. Find out why, and what you can do to prevent it.

End the Confusion: Breast Cancer Screening Whiteboard

Made by the Society of Breast Imaging, this animated whiteboard video encourages women to get regular mammograms beginning around age 40. In addition to the recommendations, this video shares some valuable facts and statistics about breast cancer.

The Last One

This short, one-minute clip shows several women at various stages in their journey with breast cancer, each exclaiming that they "won't be the last one" to suffer the effects of the disease. The message is simple: We need to find a cure.


How can public service announcements accurately show you how to conduct a breast self-exam when nipples are still taboo on some social media platforms? Buenos Aires-based nonprofit MACMA has come up with a solution: man boobs!

Miriam Trejo, Breast Cancer Patient Story

High school teacher Miriam Trejo was just 28 years old when she discovered her first lump. She would be 29 before she received a diagnosis: stage 3 breast cancer. Announcing her diagnosis to her students, the math teacher received an outpouring of support from the teenagers who were normally sullen and distant.

Meet The Woman Walking 1,000 Miles Topless

After her double mastectomy, breast cancer survivor Paulette Leaphart was unable to get reconstructive surgery due to health issues, but she doesn't believe she should hide herself in shame. She is walking topless from her home in Biloxi, Mississippi to Washington, D.C., a journey of 1,000 miles, to advocate for awareness, research, and more affordable healthcare.


"Know 'em. Check 'em. Love your breasts," and pass the message on. In this video from Breast Cancer Care, you'll see British celebrities — from sports stars to actors to Spice Girls — encourage you to perform self-examinations to spot lumps and bumps as often as possible.

Paula Jacobs - Breast Cancer Warrior

For 48 hours after getting her diagnosis, Paula Jacobs was thrown for a loop. Then, according to her, it was "all hands on deck." She had an end goal: to get back to Zumba and her normal way of life. This is how she got there.

PS22 Chorus "I'm Gonna Love You Through It"

The school choir that's taken YouTube by storm and appeared on multiple TV programs, including the Academy Awards, here perform a touching Martina McBride song to teacher Adriana Lopez, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tattoos Help Breast Cancer Survivors Reclaim Their Lives After Mastectomy

One of the many potential realities of breast cancer is a mastectomy. For many women, this surgical treatment option is not only physically, but emotionally, scarring. This video looks at the creative work of, a nonprofit that seeks to help breast cancer survivors by adorning their chests with tattoos.

Victoria Derbyshire's Breast Cancer Video Diary: Final Chemo

As a news broadcaster and journalist, Victoria Derbyshire is frequently in front of the camera. But in this video, you see another side of the BBC personality. This is Derbyshire's fourth video in a series chronicling her breast cancer fight. Here, you'll see her before, during, and after her final chemotherapy sessions. For those who have never dealt directly with cancer, the video offers a demystifying view of the drug treatments that so many patients undergo.

Why Are So Many Young Women Getting Breast Cancer?

News anchor Joan Lunden, who herself battled breast cancer, chats with her oncologist, Dr. Ruth Oratz, about why so many women in their 20s and 30s are being diagnosed with breast cancer. They cover the effects of a modern diet, stress, lifestyle factors, and genetic predisposition.