BodyMaps for iPad

Human Anatomy in High definition

Understand human anatomy like never before with BodyMaps, a new 3D visual learning tool for medical students, doctors and consumers. 
"It's the best basic anatomy resource I've seen."
James Hamblin, MD | Editor at The Atlantic

Top Features

  • Full color, high-resolution display 3D rotatable images depicting over 1,000 anatomical structure.
  • 30 rotatable models of parts of the body such as the eye, knee and heart or both men and women.
  • 200 videos depict how major health conditions, treatments and bodily functions work.
  • Social media ready for sharing via email or Facebook.
  • Search using either clinical terms or everyday language
  • Additional educational from, such as articles and topic centers.
  • Mark-up tool to draw directly on an image to illustrate specific conditions, procedures or therapies.
Using BodyMaps with Patients
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