Some people are ready for a permanent birth control method. For men, a vasectomy is one option to prevent any risk of future pregnancy.  

What Is It?

A vasectomy is a procedure that permanently prevents a man’s sperm from being released into the urethra and through the penis during sex. During the procedure, the vasa deferens (the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra) are sealed.

How Does It Work?

By sealing the vasa deferens, sperm made in the testicles cannot pass through into the urethra and through the penis during sex. When a man who has had a vasectomy ejaculates, his semen is absent of sperm and cannot cause pregnancy.

How Do I Use It?

A vasectomy is a procedure that must be performed in a doctor’s office, hospital, or medical facility. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss if a vasectomy is the right method of birth control for you. There are two different vasectomy methods, one that involves a small cut to the scrotum and another that is done without a surgical cut.


A vasectomy is nearly 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. It is the most effective birth control method for men. It can take up to three months after a vasectomy procedure to be completely effective, as some sperm can remain in the system following the procedure. Your doctor will conduct a semen analysis to determine if there are any remaining sperm.


A vasectomy is an effective and permanent way to prevent pregnancy. It is best for men who are certain they do not want children in the future. A vasectomy does not have any lasting effects on sexual activity or performance.


A vasectomy does not protect against sexually tranmitted diseases. It is a permanent procedure. While it is possible to reverse a vasectomy, it can be a complicated and expensive procedure. Very rare complications include infection, bruising, and chronic pain.