50 million Americans are afraid of needles.*

People who are afraid of needles avoid going to the doctor, skip vaccinations, avoid flu shots, and typically don't donate blood. Needle phobia is an under-reported healthcare crisis.
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Tips for Children

For most people, fearing needles often starts as a bad experience in childhood and gets worse as we age. Here are five simple tips to help end the tantrums and have a tear-free doctors visit.

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The widespread impact on public health is also noted by Dr. Rich Carmona, 17th U. S. Surgeon General, "As Surgeon General, I saw the impact of needle phobia first hand. In a country where we spend more on healthcare than any other nation in the world, our metrics put us somewhere between 25th and 40th in term of life expectancy, childhood vaccinations, maternal child mortality and things like that. We have to step back: 'Where are we missing the boat here?' I think part of the answer is that many of our children don't complete their immunization series. Decreasing fear of needles can certainly help."
* Based on a Healthline survey conducted in December 2012. A Target/Harris Interactive survey estimated needle fear as high as 23%.