Bigshots 5 Tips for Helping Children
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5 Tips for Helping Children

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    Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Needles

    Today, children are scheduled to receive far more shots and vaccinations than most new parents realize. Receiving multiple shots in a single visit, or watching a sibling get a shot are some of the principal ways children develop a fear of needles. Learn how to make trips to the doctor’s office less traumatic, and make sure your child develops healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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    1. Explain that Shots are Good for You

    t’s important to explain to your child that shots protect them from becoming sick. Keep the language simple and to the point. Try something like, “Yes, it will hurt a little bit now, but shots keep you healthy. No one likes being sick, right?”

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    2. Tell the Truth but Keep Things Short

    When your child is scheduled to have a shot, don’t tell them too far in advance. The longer they have to worry about it, the worse the whole experience becomes. But when your child asks what’s going to happen at their next doctor’s appointment, always tell them the truth.

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    3. Keep Them Distracted

    Books, music, and video games can keep your child distracted and not concentrated on the shot they’re about to receive. And if you’re looking for a way to educate your child about the merits of getting a shot, keep them distracted in the doctor’s office with our Pablo mobile app. Download the free app here

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    4. Keep Them Comfortable

    Let your child sit on your lap or near you in a comfortable position. You can also let them put an arm around you or sit facing you while it’s happening. The goal is to make your child feel secure. Never make your child get shots while lying down, especially after around 18 months, and never hold them down.

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    5. Reward Them for Doing the Right Thing

    After the whole ordeal is through, reward your child with a treat, a trip to their favorite restaurant, or a day in the park. Anything you can do to turn the experience into something positive will benefit your child in the long run. And always praise your child for being brave and doing the right thing no matter what.