Choosing the right kind of inhaler ensures you get the kind of medication delivery that helps relieve your asthma symptoms. There are three different types of inhalers available by prescription. It’s important to weigh the similarities and differences with your doctor before choosing the right one.

Dry-Powder Inhaler

Medication in a dry-powder inhaler is delivered through the lungs without a chemical propellant. The medication reaches the lungs when the patient inhales quick, deep breaths. These types of inhalers come in tube and disk forms that are small and easy to carry. A problem unique to this model is that accidentally breathing out can waste medication. 

Metered-Dose Inhaler

The most recognized type of asthma inhaler, the metered-dose inhaler delivers medicine through a small, pressurized container that doesn’t require a deep breath to inhale the medicine. The container fits into a small, plastic shoe-shaped device. It is small and convenient, but some models don’t show how many doses are left.

Metered-Dose Inhaler with a Spacer

The spacer in this model makes the medication even easier to inhale because the medication is contained after it is released from the inhaler and is more efficiently channeled into the airways. It allows the user to inhale slower and thus increases the amount that’s absorbed in the lungs. This unit is slightly larger than the others, making it a bit bulkier to carry.