For the treatment of your arrhythmia, you will have several doctors, including some that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. These include:

Primary Care Physician

An internist or general practitioner may treat your arrhythmia, coordinate care, and maintain records for you. He or she may also refer you to any relevant specialists.


Your primary care doctor may refer you to a cardiologist for evaluation and treatment. A cardiologist is a specialist who cares for adults who have heart problems, including arrhythmias. A cardiologist will likely conduct a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures to determine if you do have an arrhythmia and, if so, in which part of your heart.


Your primary care doctor or cardiologist may refer you to an electrophysiologist. These doctors are cardiologists who specialize in the care and treatment of arrhythmias. They may prescribe a course of treatment and relay that information to your general practitioner for your extended care, or they may wish to serve as your primary doctor when it comes to your arrhythmia.