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Anxiety can cause you to lose your desire to focus on the things you enjoy most about life, like family, friends, and trying new experiences.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 18 percent of adults in the United States suffer with some form of anxiety, and nearly 23 percent of those suffer with what are considered to be severe cases. A quarter of U.S. teens also have anxiety disorders, according to the NIMH. Women are 60 percent more likely to develop some form of anxiety in their lifetime, particularly between the ages of 30 and 44.

Sharing your experiences with anxiety, or learning from others who suffer from it, is easier than you may believe. Here are some of the best anxiety blogs of 2016.


Anxiety Coach

Dave Carbonell, Ph.D., has been studying anxiety and its effects on people who have it for decades. On his site, he’s amassed hundreds of tips to help people understand their condition.

According to Carbonell, anxiety “tricks” you into maintaining fear instead of ridding you of it. He offers information on a variety of anxiety-related subjects, including panic disorder, fear of flying, fear of driving, and even stage fright.

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Anxiety Guru

For 10 years, Paul Dooley lived with generalized anxiety disorder, causing him to be panicked and depressed about his future.

As a self-described “analytical person,” he writes about his life with anxiety and offers help to those who seek it, including how to override internalized anxiety and how details can lead to meaningful solutions.

Besides his blog, Dooley also hosts The Anxiety Guru Show, a podcast about getting rid of stress and anxiety. He’s also published two e-books on the subject, which are available on his site.

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The Anxiety Network

Not all anxiety is the same, and that’s what makes the Anxiety Network — the website of The Anxiety and Stress Clinic — one of the year’s best blogs. They help people familiarize themselves with — and differentiate — the various forms of anxiety, whether social, generalized, or panic disorder.

Besides loads of free articles, the Anxiety Network offers paid therapy sessions that include audio, video, and written materials that can help people overcome anxiety.

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What do zombies have to do with anxiety? Well, Tanya J. Peterson, author of Anxiety-Schmanxiety, argues they’re an ideal metaphor for anxiety: They’re relentless, hone in on their targets, and leave their victims afraid and unable to escape.

From pop culture examples to age-related anxiety (who hasn’t worried they’re too old or too young to do something?), Peterson and co-author Julia Banim keep their shared blog alive with regular updates that explore the challenges facing people with anxiety, even if they’re not stuck in a zombie apocalypse.

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Anxiety Slayer

Anxiety Slayer sounds like an awesome metal band, but Ananga Sivyer and Shann Vanker Leek are focused instead on helping people who feel overpowered by their stress or anxiety.

Their blog focuses on defeating anxiety in everyday situations — like when you’re riding on public transportation — and learning how to overcome other common sources of anxiety and trigger events.

They, too, have a podcast, which makes it easier to get help while on the go. They also provide audio files for meditation and other calming exercises.

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The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management

Based in San Diego, the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management (CSAM) is staffed by licensed psychologists, and its blog focuses on stress, fear, anxiety, and other things that can limit a person’s potential.

Since feeling inadequate can fuel anxiety, CSAM’s blog looks at ways that individuality can bolster self-esteem, an important facet when it comes to dealing with anxiety. These include coping mechanisms for living with a chronic illness, travel phobias, and the importance of pursuing overall values rather than New Year’s resolutions.

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Overcoming Social Anxiety

Kyle MacDonald, a registered psychotherapist, offers online-based therapy for people struggling with social anxiety, phobias, or even shyness.

His blog focuses on the difficulties faced by people with social anxiety. As anyone who has social anxiety knows, things like small talk and being the center of attention can be terrifying experiences. Whether they’re tips on how to get over a breakup or suggestions on how to get over any anxiety you have before going to a party, he gives advice that is applicable to real, everyday situations.

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Positively Positive

Anxiety can introduce unwanted pessimism or fear. The community at Positively Positive offers inspiring and optimistic outlooks on daily life.

While not specifically focused on people with anxiety, the site offers perspectives and tools for improvement in the areas of inspiring, living, loving, playing, working, and giving — all areas that can suffer when you have anxiety.

Posts include suggestions on how to see the positives in daily interactions and grievances, and tips on how to look at the big picture or put things into perspective.

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Social Anxiety Disorder Advice from Verywell

Arlin Cuncic is Verywell’s resident social anxiety disorder expert, and writes about an array of topics from the best self-help books to tips on how to embarrass yourself on purpose (as a means to challenge social anxiety). She offers real world help and tips to make social experiences less scary.

Cuncic isn’t just another blogger: She holds a BA in psychology and a master’s in clinical psychology. She’s also an experienced medical journal editor and has years of experience in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Time to Change

As many people with anxiety know, social interactions can be tough, but talking about their anxiety is even more difficult. Time to Change is a group dedicated to combatting the stigma and discrimination that people who have a mental health condition face. These, they say, are major barriers to helping people get the help they need.

Their blog focuses on helping people talk about their mental health, a key step in helping others understand what you’re going through, by offering the stories and perspectives of other people dealing with anxiety.

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