While there is no way to go back in time and reverse traumatic events, we can prevent anxiety and stress from taking over. Here are some ways to help prevent anxiety.

Stress Relief

This could involve daily exercise or planning a vacation. It doesn’t matter what relaxes you, so long as you take time to find healthy methods to unwind.

Proper Diet

While we all have our vices, some of the foods we crave when we’re feeling a bit stressed out can have adverse effects. Instead of eating greasy, gooey comfort food, stick to a diet low in fats and avoid processed foods that are generally high in added sugars and salt. The fresher your food—especially nutrient-packed produce—the more your body will thank you.

Keeping a Journal

No one knows you better than you. Keeping a journal is a great way to track your moods, stress, and anxiety. Also, many people find that identifying and writing down their problems gives them a sense of tangibility, making them easier to confront.

Avoiding Unhealthy Substances

While tobacco, drugs, and alcohol are often called stress relievers, using them actually damages the body, making it harder for it to handle stress and anxiety. Addiction to these types of substances can lead to additional anxiety and stress.