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For people with food allergies, the simplest form of treatment is avoiding whatever causes the allergic reaction. While this is by far easier to say than do, avoiding things like glutens, nuts, and milk can be a daunting task as they are often found in numerous kinds of food.

Healthline has put together some recipes and dining guides to help people with food allergies so they can still enjoy healthy, delicious food while still being mindful of their allergies.

So, eat up, enjoy, be merry, and most importantly, be healthy.  

Dining Out with Allergies

For Parents: Creating a Food Allergy Cheat Sheet

You are your child’s greatest health advocate, but you won’t be able to monitor everything he or she eats. Use this helpful guide to remind yourself and teach your child ways to avoid potentially harmful foods.

Dining Out: Hidden Allergens

Do you enjoy eating out but are allergic to gluten? Learn about how you can avoid hidden glutens in entrees and appetizers.

Dining Out: Questions for Your Server

Learn about important questions to ask your server when dining out so you can avoid complications with your food allergies.

Dining Out: Reading Menus

If you enjoy dining out but have food allergies, it's important to plan ahead. Learn about things to consider when reading restaurant menus.

Popular Allergy Recipes

Allergy-Free Snack Recipes for Kids

Kids can be picky eaters, but throw allergies into the mix, and you're looking at some potential difficulties. Try these recipes to make your little ones happy.

Asian Food Recipes for People With Soy Allergies

People with soy sensitivities often have to miss out on many Asian foods. Try these recipes so you can still experience the flavor of the Orient.

Gluten-Free Baking Recipes

Sensitive to gluten but miss some decent baked goods? Well, throw on your apron and try these delicious recipes out.

Peanut-Free Recipes

Know someone allergic to peanuts? Well, you should try out these recipes for some sure-fire good eating without the worries of a possible allergic reaction.

Recipes for Kids With Egg Allergies

Have a child who doesn't vibe well with the incredible, edible egg? Try these recipes to keep Junior, and his stomach, happy.

Tomato Allergy Recipes

Having a tomato allergy can be difficult as tomatoes seem to be everywhere. Want to know where they aren't? These recipes.


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