Alternative Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Alternative medicine techniques may be helpful when you’re trying to give up alcohol and throughout recovery process as well. Some of these can be used in addition to more traditional practices, such as medication and therapy. Others may be used independently as the only treatment source. These alternative treatments include:

  • Acupuncture. The ancient practice of acupuncture uses thin needles inserted under the top layer of skin to help relieve cravings and reduce symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Meditation. Meditation helps you focus your attention and cognitive power so that you can reduce and hopefully eliminate stress. Many of the practices of meditation can also be useful when you experience an overwhelming craving or temptation to drink.
  • Spiritual involvement. During recovery from alcoholism, many people may find comfort and support by turning to a spiritual practice. These may include attending religious services, praying, reading sacred texts, or speaking with a religion-oriented therapist.
  • Yoga. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga are better able to relax and manage stress. For people going through treatment for alcoholism, stress and anxiety are major culprits for relapses.

Lifestyle Treatments

A big component of breaking the cycle of alcoholism is changing the habits that you developed during your time of alcohol dependence. For that reason, one or more of the following forms of lifestyle or behavioral changes may be necessary:

  • Learn to assert yourself in social situations. When you’re out with friends or family and you’re encouraged to drink, let them know you need their support to not drink. If the pressure becomes too great, you may need to distance yourself from certain people and social situations or risk interrupting your recovery.
  • Practice healthy habits. Developing healthy habits — such as getting adequate sleep, eating well, and exercising — may make recovery more enjoyable and easier.
  • Start new hobbies. If your hobbies and activities involve alcohol, you may find that you need to develop new hobbies and interests so that you’re not faced with temptation to drink.