Adult ADHD

Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that is hallmarked by symptoms including impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and inattention. 

As adults are often overburned with more responsibitlities than children, ADHD can create a host of social or professional problems, incuding low self-esteem, poor work practices, or inability to handle relationships. 

Learn more about adult ADHD and the issues surrounding it by exploring the resources below. 

Important Adult ADHD Resources

Were Hyperactive Hunter-Gatherers Better Adapted Than Their Peers? ADHD and Evolution

New research has show tribesmen in Africa with ADHD traits were in better health, posing the question: did ADHD traits keep humans alive during the hunter-gatherer portion of evolution?

10 Best Jobs for Adults with ADHD

Some jobs are better suited for people with ADHD. These jobs involve change, speaking with people, and those centered around problem-solving.

IQ and ADHD: A Look Into How High-Intelligence Can Make ADHD Worse

Research has shown that people with ADHD have an above-normal intelligence, which doesn't always make things easier.

12 Signs of Adult ADD/ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD can differ in adults than they do in children. Learn how to spot the signs of adult ADHD so you can get proper treatments.

Definition and Diagnosis of Adult ADHD

ADHD affects about four percent of adults in the United States. Learn how to recognize adult ADHD, assess your symptoms and your attention span.

Making Life at Home Easier

Learn tips to help with your ADHD, such as breaking tasks into segments, keeping lists, recording reminders, and getting support.

How to Achieve Your Career Goals with ADHD

Don't let your ADHD keep you from acheiving success. Learn tips for battling challenges on the job through these techniques.

The Effects of Adult ADHD on Relationships

Adult ADHD can be tough on relationships. Learn tips for managing your condition along with your marriage, including how couples counseling can help.

Effects of ADHD on Sexuality

Learn about the effects your ADHD can have on your sex life and how to overcome sexual challenges caused by symptoms such as hyper- and hypo-sexuality.

How ADHD Affects Women

ADHD affects women differently than men. Find out how to get support, including telling your family and friends, and how to organize your home.


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