Best Yoga Apps of the Year

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  • Yoga on the Go

    Yoga on the Go

    Long days spent at the office or rushing around town can put a serious kink in your mood — and your back. When time to unwind is hard to find, taking a moment for a deep breath and a quick stretch can make a world of difference.

     An ancient practice, yoga is more than just stretching. It combines poses with breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation to relax and strengthen the body. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), yoga can:

    • reduce stress
    • reduce chronic lower back pain
    • reduce anxiety and depression
    • improve fitness and flexibility
    • lower heart rate and blood pressure

    If you don’t have time to schedule a class, these smartphone apps can help you put the “Ahh” back in asana. 

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  • Daily Yoga

    Daily Yoga

    Android – 4.1 stars with 12,756 ratings – Free

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 8 ratings – Free

    Only got 5 minutes? Daily Yoga provides over 40 programs for a range of experience levels, durations, and fitness goals. You can also create your own program.

    The app includes a library of over 300 poses, HD video, and voice instruction to help you follow along and perfect your poses. Access to a social community of yogis may also inspire you to keep up or advance your practice. 

  • Studio Studio

    Android – 4.4 with 4,848 ratings – $3.99

    iPhone – 4.5 with 468 ratings – $3.99

    In addition to 37 programs, Studio also features a searchable library of 289 poses. They come with HD video demonstrations and 3D muscle images of each pose, so you know exactly what muscles you’re working.

    It also includes breathing exercises for meditation, if relaxation is what you’re after.

  • Pocket Yoga

    Pocket Yoga

    Android – 4.4 with 643 – $2.99

    iPhone – 4.5 with 136 ratings – $2.99

    Featuring illustrations instead of photos or videos, Pocket Yoga’s collection of over 200 poses is a sleek app with plenty of options. Choose from different levels, intensities, environments, and music (you can even play music from your own library) as the vocal instruction guides you through a sequence of poses.

    The app tracks your practices and progress, and includes a dictionary that lists the benefits of each pose.

  • Yoga Studio

    Yoga Studio

    iPhone – 5 with 2,146 – $3.99

    Boasting 65 yoga and meditation classes, this app is aptly named. With Yoga Studio, you can create your own classes featuring HD video, track your progress, and schedule classes. The classes are downloadable, too, so you really can take them anywhere.

    A dictionary of over 280 poses includes benefits, cautions, and modifications to help you adjust workouts to your abilities. 

  • Office Yoga

    Office Yoga

    iPhone – 3.5 with 28 ratings – $0.99

    Got a couple of spare minutes at the office and want to make the most of them? This is the app for you.

    Similar to a deck of cards, Office Yoga is a set of illustrated pose cards literally made for the office. Categories include poses ideal for activities such as walking, commuting, working at a computer, and even using the copy machine. Each illustration comes with written instructions. 

  • YOGAmazing


    iPhone – 5 with 15 ratings – $4.99

    If video instructions keep your yoga on track, then YOGAmazing might be for you. The app is a video library of rotating sessions, 50 of which are available at all times.

     Sessions are targeted with a specific purpose in mind, such as yoga for hikers, yoga for grief, and upper body yoga. Providing feedback is easy through in-app email and links to the show’s email and website. 

  • iYoga – Premium

    iYoga – Premium

    iPhone – 4.5 with 11 ratings – $1.99

    This app’s polished motion capture animation shows you the muscles that each pose works in action. Multiple angles and voice instruction make it even easier to copy and perfect poses. The app also allows you to build your own program by dragging poses into sequence.

    You can even adjust the duration of each pose for a truly personalized session.  

  • An App for All

    An App for All

    Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, smartphone apps like the ones listed here make it easier than ever to learn and practice yoga at your convenience. Taking even 10 minutes a day to stretch at your desk, meditate, or wake up with a sun salutation can help keep you relaxed, focused and fit.