The 13 Best Migraine iPhone & Android Apps of 2013

  • Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

    Migraines are severe headaches strong enough to interfere with your daily activities. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke estimates that migraines affect 12 percent of Americans. There is no one direct cause of migraines, but triggers like fatigue, hormones, and stress may be to blame.

    With these apps you can learn more about migraine triggers, as well as how to manage your symptoms and track your headaches right in the palm of your hand.

  • Headache Diary by Froggyware

    Froggyware has applied the concept of food diaries to migraines with the Headache Diary. Built for Android, this interactive tool helps you track your migraines. It makes it easier to detect migraine patterns and relay information to your doctor. You can note the date and time your migraine starts, as well as the duration and intensity. This can help you detect possible triggers for your symptoms. Over time, the Headache Diary generates an easy-to-read graph that details your migraine history.

  • Food Diary by Geoff Holden

    Dietitians recommend a food diary, but it can be a powerful tool for migraine sufferers, too. Your excruciating headaches may be linked to food sensitivities or even allergies. The Food Diary app by Geoff Holden is among the easiest food diaries to use. Made for Android, this app allows you to log your daily food intake and any following symptoms. This information can help your doctor diagnose possible triggers for your migraines. If certain foods are to blame, the Food Diary will make note of them so you can potentially avoid future migraines.

  • SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm by SleepBot

    Sleep deprivation is another possible trigger of migraine headaches. The SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm helps you track both the duration and quality of sleep, which may relate to your migraines. Made for Android and Apple products, the app lets you input ideal sleeping times to see how your actual sleep measures up. It tracks how many times you wake up in the middle of the night and how long it takes to get back to sleep. After several nights, the app averages the amount of sleep you get per night. If you get little sleep and experience migraines, you can easily share your Sleep Cycle app with a doctor for further analysis.

  • Period Calendar by abishkking

    Migraines are more common in women, and hormones may be to blame. Fluctuations in hormones can cause migraines during your period, during ovulation, or other times of the month. The Period Calendar by abishkking is an Android app that helps you track all related symptoms throughout the month. Take note of any migraines during the month with the Period Calendar and share the information with your OB/GYN. 

  • Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga by Ipnos Software

    If a lack of sleep is triggering your migraines, then you may need help falling asleep at night. Relax Melodies can help you fall asleep with the help of yoga-inspired tunes. Made for both Apple and Android, this app lets you choose from 46 different relaxing tunes. The sounds act as a helpful distraction if you’re in the middle of a migraine attack. While this app doesn’t directly ease your symptoms, the soothing effects can help you get through some of your worst migraines.

  • Acupressure: Treat Yourself by AM Mobile

    The Acupressure app brings the ancient art of acupressure to a whole new modern level. This practice is based on applying pressure to certain points in the body to relieve pain. The concept is used for chronic pain, including migraines. The app shows you where and how to apply pressure. While Acupressure doesn’t replace a doctor’s medical care, it may help relieve pain in the short-term. The app costs $1.99 for both Apple and Android users – not bad considering the high cost of in-house acupuncture sessions!

  • Med Helper: Prescription App by Earth Flare Inc.

    Migraines are troublesome enough without getting headaches over keeping track of your medications. The Med Helper app makes life easier by listing detailed information about all of your prescription medicines. It can reduce the risk of drug interactions and can save time trying to track down a pharmacist. Set alarms on Med Helper so you don’t forget to take any of your medications, no matter where you are. Both Apple and Android carry this app, and you can even send the information to your doctor.

  • Manage My Pain Pro by Life Control Software

    Logging your migraine information can be a pain. This is why the Manage My Pain Pro app is an effective electronic replacement. With just a tap of a few buttons, you can log your headache details related to timing, severity, and possible triggers. The tracker also takes note of other types of pain you may be experiencing. Users have the option of using the free Android lite version, but you can purchase the full pro app for a one-time fee.

  • Brainwave Tuner by IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd

    While not fully proven, there is a theory that certain brain waves spawn migraines. The Brainwave Tuner utilizes this theory by producing sounds that affect brain frequencies in order to help prevent headaches. Simply choose the Headache Therapy option and listen to low theta and mid-alpha waves anytime you feel a migraine coming on. Available for both Android and Apple, this app is a full brain service station for a small fee.

  • Binaural Beats Therapy Beta by Giorgio Regni

    If you’re looking for alternative migraine therapy, then get ready to experience Binaural Beats Therapy. Made for Android users, this free app uses sounds to change brain frequencies and reduce body pain. It may also help relieve anxiety and increase mental clarity. The app even offers a self-hypnosis option for maximum relaxation. To prevent falling asleep at work or while operating machinery, make sure you’re safe at home before using this app.

  • My Migraine Triggers by Novartis Consumer Health

    My Migraine Triggers is a diary to help you figure out the headache triggers. This tool is used daily – simply tell the app whether you had a headache or not. If your answer is “yes,” then you’ll be able to choose from a list of common triggers you may have been exposed to. Examples include sleep problems and fatigue, lack of sleep, caffeine consumption, and skipped meals. Over time, this Apple app will tally the results and give you a color-coded graph that shows your most common triggers. 

  • iHeadache

    iHeadache is a headache diary app for Apple products. Rated as the most popular headache diary app for Apple, iHeadache works by using your headache logs to help detect migraine patterns. Simply enter the start time of your headache and its duration, and then let the app guide you through selecting possible triggers and accompanying symptoms. This app is free, making migraine management just a little easier on the wallet.

  • Migraine Stop

    Determining the triggers of migraines is important, but your doctor needs other information to properly diagnose and treat your condition. The Migraine Stop app lets Apple users provide migraine details on a visually appealing platform. After detailing the duration and symptoms of your migraine, you can select five possible triggers.  The app places the triggers in a pie chart based on the most plausible causes of your choosing. Detailing this type of history can help you stop migraines in the future.

  • Finding Your Relief

    When you suffer from migraines, it’s hard to predict whether pain will dictate your future. These apps don’t directly cure your pain, but they can certainly make treatment and management of your worst headaches little easier without exuding a whole lot of effort on your most painful days. Make sure you share your apps with your doctor talk through any recommendations for pain relief.

  • Methodology

    We selected these migraine apps based on their potential to aid people suffering from migraines in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included: user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to migraine sufferers’ needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make life with migraines more manageable.

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