The Best Quit Smoking iPhone & Android Apps of the Year

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  • Why Quit Smoking?

    Why Quit Smoking?

    Smoking — and the use of smokeless tobacco — is the top cause of preventable death in the United States. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 443,000 people die each year from smoking. Kicking the habit can prevent many of these deaths. We’ve chosen a collection of top-rated apps geared toward making it easier to stop smoking. Click, tap, and swipe your way to better health.

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  • LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

    LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

    iTunes – 4.5 stars with 4,064 ratings – Free

    LIVESTRONG's MyQuit Coach app can help you quit smoking your way. The physician-approved app lets you personalize your journey and make quitting smoking fit into your lifestyle. Choose to quit “cold turkey” or reduce your nicotine use with a step-down approach. Features include analyzing your nicotine consumption, tracking your cravings, and making resolutions that are meaningful to you.

  • Quit It Lite

    Quit It Lite

    iTunes – 4.5 stars with 481 ratings – Free

    Quit It Lite is a motivational program that helps you track your smoking cessation goals in a different way. Instead of tracking your nicotine consumption, Quit It Lite focuses on what you haven’t done. The app tracks the cigarettes you didn’t smoke, the tar that didn’t absorb into your bloodstream, and the money you didn’t spend on tobacco products. The physical benefits of quitting are displayed, based on how long you’ve gone without smoking.

  • Quit Smoking

    Quit Smoking

    Android – 4.1 stars with 5,036 ratings – Free

    Quit Smoking is a widget app that helps you decrease your nicotine consumption gradually. The program uses statistical data that’s constantly being adjusted according to your individual smoking patterns. Charts and bar graphs display the number of days since you’ve last smoked, the money you’ve saved, and your current carbon monoxide levels. Watch your numbers and health change for the better with each passing day without a cigarette.

  • My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

    My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

    iTunes – 4.5 stars with 1,881 ratings – $0.99

    My Last Cigarette is one of the original smoking cessation apps, and it’s easy to see why it’s stuck around. The program has helped thousands of people quit smoking by pointing out the positives. The app calculates the money you’ll save by not smoking, but more importantly, it tells you how much longer you could live smoke free. Daily motivational messages and medical facts help keep you on track.

  • Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation

    Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation

    Android – 4.4 stars with 1,331 ratings – Free

    Quitting smoking is a major change to make in your life, and it’s not always easy to do it alone. Cessation Nation recognizes this fact, and provides you with a virtual village of support to help.

    Calculate how much money you've saved by not smoking and how much healthier you are by not inhaling toxic chemicals. The app also features games that can be a welcome distraction when cravings are strong. The built-in community of current and former smokers offers support, understanding, and wisdom from their collective experiences.

  • Craving to Quit

    Craving to Quit

    iTunes – not enough ratings – Free

    Craving to Quit is a free trial of Craving Quit Pro, a 21-day smoking cessation program developed by and tested at Yale University. Using group-based training principles, Craving to Quit’s customizable features help you develop goals and remind you to check in daily in order to track your progress. Playlists provide audio and visual instruction, nightly reflections, and exercise tracks to keep you moving and motivated. You can also upgrade to Craving to Quit Pro in order to access all 21 days of instruction.

  • ButtOut


    iTunes – 4.5 stars with 50 ratings – $3.99

    There are many ways to quit smoking. Whether you’ve chosen to quit immediately (“cold turkey”) or gradually decrease your nicotine consumption, ButtOut can help you attain your goals.

    The app keeps a running tally of the cigarettes you haven’t smoked, the financial savings you’ve reaped, and the health improvements you’ve made over time. Track your cravings and read motivational messages from others who are trying to quit through ButtOut’s community support forums.

  • UCSF/SFGH Stop Smoking

    UCSF/SFGH Stop Smoking

    iTunes – 4.5 stars with 8 ratings – $0.99

    The University of California at San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital have teamed up to help you stop smoking. These highly esteemed institutions created their app based on the results of clinical research studies about smoking cessation. Through this proven self-help program, you’ll learn how your moods and day-to-day activities affect how much you smoke. Set your quit date, read medically approved quitting guidelines, and use UCSF/SFGH’s tools to stay smoke free for good.

  • QuitNow!


    iTunes – 4 stars with 25 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.1 stars with 9,408 ratings – Free

    Quitting smoking is a big decision to make. Going through with it can be a nerve-wracking experience that produces all kinds of emotions. QuitNow! focuses on the feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed that you may experience when you quit smoking.

    Real-time statistics break down the process into manageable pieces. You’ll see how long it’s been (in minutes, hours, and days) since you last smoked, as well as how it’s positively impacted your health and your wallet.

    Online access to others in your situation can help keep you from feeling alone. This app allows you to share your success with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

  • NHS Stop Smoking

    NHS Stop Smoking

    iTunes – 3.5 stars with 1,738 ratings – Free

    Developed and sponsored by the UK-based National Heath Service, NHS Stop Smoking uses a variety of tools to help you stay smoke free. The real-life counter tracks your smoke-free days. You’ll find out how much your health is improving with each passing day. You also get to find out more about the experiences of others in your shoes, in addition to getting tips for quitting. The app provides a direct line of communication with the Smokefree National Helpline. Daily notes are designed to motivate you throughout your journey.

  • Quitter


    iTunes – 3.5 stars with 3,632 ratings – Free

    Quitter counts how long it’s been since you stopped smoking. The app uses this information to calculate how much money you’ve kept in your pocket since that date. Customizable features let you upload pictures of whatever it is that keeps you motivated. Looking at a picture of your children or grandchildren is sure to remind you why you’re quitting when the going gets tough. With a tap of your finger, you can boast about your success on your favorite social media outlet, too!

  • Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

    Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

    iTunes – 4 stars with 126 ratings – $2.99

    Android – 4.4 stars with 105 ratings – $2.99

    Clinical hypnotherapist and stress management expert Andrew Johnson is known for his self-help programs. Johnson's inspirational messages help people with many kinds of addiction. Now his confidence-boosting program is available to people who want to quit smoking.

    For many people, it’s not just the act of smoking that makes quitting difficult, but the situations that make you want to smoke. Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson teaches you how to break habits that you’ve associated with smoking. The lessons make you relax your mind and body until you’re ready to let smoking go.

  • It’s Not Too Late

    It’s Not Too Late

    Although it can be very difficult to quit smoking, it’s worth it. You’ll reap the physical benefits of being smoke free almost as soon as you smoke your last cigarette. Within 20 minutes, your heart rate and blood pressure drops. You’ll be breathing more easily within a couple of weeks. Your risk of heart attack and stroke decreases after quitting as well. It’s not too late to quit!

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    We selected these smoking cessation apps based on their potential to help people quit smoking in a variety of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to smoking cessation and its community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make smoking cessation more manageable.

Please note: Healthline Networks does not endorse or warrant for fitness of purpose any of these applications. These apps have not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Healthline Networks and unless otherwise indicated, haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).