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The 13 Best Diabetes iPhone & Android Apps of 2013

  • The 13 Best Diabetes Apps

    According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 19 million Americans—or more than 8 percent of the population—have diabetes. An estimated 7 million more are living with diabetes and have no idea they have it.

    With rapidly rising diabetes rates, managing this condition is more important than ever. Check out these 13 apps to get a better handle on your blood sugar levels.

  • Fooducate - Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition Scanner

    iPhone – 4.5 stars/8,928 ratings – Free
    Android – 4.4 stars/3,739 ratings – Free

    You might be a foodie, but you’re not a detective. So let this multiple award-winning app do the investigative work for you. It can tell you if hidden sugar, trans fats, and corn syrup are lurking inside your groceries. But it does more than tell you what NOT to eat. It also provides suggestions for healthier alternatives.

    Just scan the product barcode or search by category, and Fooducate will automatically bring up a nutrition grade—A, B, C, or D. With more than 200,000 products in its database, Fooducate covers just about everything on your supermarket’s shelves. It even includes private labels such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

  • Glooko Logbook – Diabetes? Take Control of Your BG Readings

    iPhone – 4.5 stars/107 ratings – Free

    You can’t control your blood sugar levels unless you keep track of them. Hand writing your readings is time consuming and prone to error. Instead, let Glooko Logbook quickly and accurately record your numbers by syncing straight to your glucose meter. 

    Just connect your iPhone to your meter with the Glooko MeterSync Cable. Then, download your full meter of blood glucose readings (compatible with 11 popular meters) directly to your phone to create an error-free logbook. You can even sync readings from more than one meter. Glooko Logbook allows you to spend less time imputing your numbers and more time learning from them.

  • Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite

    Android – 4 stars/43 ratings – Free

    One of the hardest parts of living with diabetes is trying to figure out what to eat. , Finding healthy recipes can be a real chore when you have to think about sugar, fat, and calories.

    Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite answers the question, “What’s for dinner?” every night of the week. With a constantly updated selection of healthy, easy recipes, you’ll never have to wonder what to cook. This app reads the directions to you, so you can keep your hands free for chopping, peeling, and sautéing. 

  • Diabetic Connect

    iPhone – 5 stars/49 ratings – Free
    Android – 4 stars/23 ratings – Free

    Of course, you value your doctor’s advice in diabetes management. But it’s also nice to get tips from people who’ve lived with the disease. Diabetic Connect links you with an entire network of people who understand exactly what you’re going through. In fact, it’s the biggest diabetes network on the Web.

    Turn to your peers whenever you need advice, support, or tips. You can lead in with your own question or follow existing threads. 

  • Glucose Buddy - Diabetes Helper

    iPhone – 4 stars/5,945 ratings – Free
    Android – 4.5 stars/2,642 ratings – Free

    You’ll never forget to take your blood sugar again with this helpful app. Glucose Buddy will give you constant reminders via push notifications. Plus, it will track your blood sugar levels, carb intake, medicine, A1C levels, and more.

    All you have to do is enter your numbers, and Glucose Buddy will link your logs straight to your computer. It also integrates with the CalorieTrack app for faster food and exercise logging.

    Find out how your food intake and activity levels affect your glucose number by tracking more than 100,000 foods and 200 different exercises. 

  • Diabetes Buddy - Control Your Blood Sugar

    iPhone – 4.5 stars/2,466 ratings – $6.99

    The key to managing your diabetes is getting your blood sugar under control. Yet that requires a complex understanding of all the different factors that affect blood sugar—like weight, exercise, diet, and medicine.

    Instead of crunching the numbers yourself, let Diabetes Buddy be your digital assistant. It will track your daily carb intake, weight, blood sugar, activity level, medicine intake, and more. Plus, Diabetes Buddy will stay on top of your medications.

    A database of more than 20,000 foods will help you make smarter food choices. Diabetes Buddy also communicates directly with your health care team, which will aid your doctor in treatment recommendation.


  • OnTrack Diabetes

    Android – 4.5 stars/4,264 ratings – Free

    You use GPS to keep your car headed in the right direction. OnTrack Diabetes will help you navigate all the twists and turns of diabetes management, and will ensure that you don’t ever veer away from your recommended treatment plan.

    This helpful app tracks your blood sugar, food intake, medication, blood pressure, pulse, activity, and weight. You can customize categories like medicine and exercise type, and export your data in several formats, including CSV, HTML, and XML.

  • dbees.com Diabetes Management

    Android – 4.2 stars/316 ratings – Free 

    Diabetes isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. You’re not exactly like anyone else with diabetes, which is why you need solutions targeted specifically to you. That’s where dbees.com Diabetes Management comes in.

    All you need to do is enter your diagnosis and treatment information. Then, the app will tailor activities and tests to you, to help you keep your blood sugar under control. Dbees.com Diabetes Management supports type 1, type 2, LADA, and gestational diabetes. It covers treatments ranging from insulin to medications and diet. This handy app even lets you send information to your doctor via a secure connection.

  • Glucool Diabetes

    Android – 4.3 stars/109 ratings – $4.99

    Glucool Diabetes is one app that realizes you’re an individual. That’s why it lets you customize your diabetes management. Input all the key data: your blood glucose, blood pressure, medicine and insulin doses, carb intake, exercise, and more. Then the app will create personalized charts and reports that you can use to fine-tune your treatment.

    Glucool Diabetes has several unique features, like advanced graphs that help you spot trends over time, which you can send directly to your doctor. It can also help you quickly pinpoint out-of-range readings, and calculate your insulin dose. 

  • Diabetes Pilot

    iPhone – 3.5 stars/182 ratings – $14.99

    This is one of the pricier diabetes management tools, but it offers just about everything you need to get your condition under control. Diabetes Pilot records your blood sugar levels, medications, exercise, test results, weight, and more.

    It also helps you make healthier food choices. Before you eat, look up the fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol content of your food in the app’s extensive database. 

    Diabetes Pilot helps you calculate the correct insulin dosage when it’s time to take your medicine. And, it charts your blood sugar levels over time—and sends them to your doctor—so you can see where you still need improvement. 

  • Wave Sense Diabetes Manager

    iPhone – 3.5 stars/688 ratings – Free

    Several different apps will record your blood sugar readings, but this one offers a unique bonus feature. Check out award-winning educational videos that will teach you how to eat healthier and change your lifestyle so you can gain better control over your diabetes.

    Using color-coded charts, Wave Sense will show you how your blood sugar rises and falls over time. You can send the results to everyone who needs to know—your partner, family, and members of your health care team. 

  • iBGStar® Diabetes Manager

    iPhone – 3.5 stars/125 ratings – Free 

    The advantage of the iBGStar Diabetes Manager is its portability. No matter where you are—at home, at work, or even at a football game—you can record, review, and share your diabetes data.

    This app uses the latest mobile technologies and data management tools to track and seamlessly share your blood sugar levels across all of your devices. It graphs your readings to give you a visual representation of trends over time. You can also get an average of your results over a 7-, 14-, 30-, or 90-day period, and share them with your doctor.

  • Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

    iPhone – 4.5 stars/12,146 ratings – $3.99
    Android – 4.5 stars/5,038 ratings – $3.99

    Want to know how many carbs are in that salad you’re about to eat? Not sure if you should get the small frozen yogurt or the medium? Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary takes all the guesswork out of eating, with a database of more than 475,000 different foods. You can look up virtually anything in your supermarket or on a restaurant menu. Just type in the food name or use the handy bar code scanner.

    Calorie Counter will act as your personal nutritionist if you need to lose a few pounds. It will tell you exactly how many calories you should be eating, and how much exercise you need to reach your goal weight. You can even access MyNetDiary’s online community, which is staffed with a registered dietitian, for support. 

    With so many features to help you manage your diabetes and control your weight, it’s no wonder MyNetDiary has more than 24,000 Facebook “likes” and nearly 3 million users.

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    We selected these diabetes apps based on their potential to aid people with diabetes and those at risk of diabetes. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to the diabetes community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make life with diabetes more manageable.

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