The Best HIV iPhone & Android Apps of the Year

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  • Best HIV Apps of 2014

    Best HIV Apps of 2014

    The first cases of HIV/AIDS were recognized over three decades ago. At the time, an HIV diagnosis meant almost certain death. Information was sparse, stored away in researchers’ notebooks and floppy disks. Many patients never revealed their disease to those closest to them, much less to the wider community.

    Today, treatment advances, reliable information, and early diagnosis have increased life expectancy and dramatically reduced the social stigma of HIV. The apps reviewed here are an important part of hope and healing for anyone touched by HIV. Download, use, and share them for better health.

  • Facing AIDS

    Facing AIDS

    iPhone – No ratings – Free

    Join the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in raising awareness around AIDS, and promoting HIV testing with this social media app. Write a brief message about why you’re facing AIDS, snap a photo of yourself, then share the message with the app community. You can share with a broader community by posting to Twitter and Facebook.

    The aim of Facing AIDS is to wipe out the stigma of this widespread condition. This is a great way to help out with an important cause. See the message and photo gallery here.

  • HIV Connect

    HIV Connect

    Android – 3.3 stars with 3 reviews – Free

    If you’re looking for a community where you can discuss and learn about HIV, HIV Connect is a great place to start. Learn from others in the HIV community by asking questions, finding answers, starting conversations, and talking about experiences.

    The fight against AIDS can be long and lonely. HIV Connect provides an active community you can take with you anywhere. The app also features activity feeds to keep you up to date on what’s going on in this caring and supportive social space.

  • HIV iChart

    HIV iChart

    iPhone – 3 stars with 5 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.5 stars with 105 reviews – Free

    If you’re wondering which anti-HIV drugs go well together, HIV iChart is just the app. Developed by the HIV Pharmacology Group at the University of Liverpool, this handy app lets you select the names of two different anti-HIV drugs. It then presents an indication of whether an interaction is expected between these medications.

    The app also provides the amount of medical evidence on hand for any particular combination. This is an offline app that doesn’t require an Internet connection, which  means you can use it at any time. Just be sure to allow it to update via the Internet so you have the latest medical research.

  • AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary

    AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 18 – Free

    Android – 4.5 stars with 24 reviews – Free

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides this top-rated app for learning any HIV- or AIDS-related term, with over 700 definitions and counting. The definitions are easy to understand and are also available in Spanish. This is the right app for patients, students, and health care providers who want to learn the complex words used in this area of health care.

    The app also has an audio feature to hear the correct pronunciation of any of the terms, and a "random" button so you can quiz yourself on any definition.

  • inPractice HIV

    inPractice HIV

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 32 ratings – Free

    Android – 4 stars with 28 reviews – Free

    Designed for medical professionals caring for HIV patients, inPractice HIV provides practical guidance for HIV patient care. All material is authored by experts and continuously updated to add the latest research, information, and best practices.

    This app features a complete drug database including all FDA-approved drugs and PubMed abstracts from MEDLINE. It distills all the latest developments in HIV into information you can use in a clinical environment. It also has an integrated bookmark function, which makes it easy to share information with colleagues or trainees.

  • iStayHealthy


    iPhone – 4 stars 15 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.7 stars with 72 reviews – Free

    This app allows you to track your HIV medication along with other personal health statistics. With iStayHealthy, you can view specific results like CD4, CD4 percentage, and viral load in simple charts.

    The app supports both landscape and portrait orientations, making extensive charts easier to read. Results can be exported via email or DropBox. There also is a handy glossary explaining HIV-related terms. Reviewer Terrell claimed, “Very helpful and professional. I love it!”

  • PozTracker


    iPhone – 5 stars with 6 ratings – $0.99

    PozTracker is helpful for anyone looking for a tracking tool and HIV health management app. This app helps you track medication needs, monitor test results, and stay on top of your progress. All data is stored securely and locally on your device, so no Internet connection is required.

    PozTracker alerts you when it’s time for a dose of medication. It also provides graphical tracking of your HIV measurements. Sticking to an HIV medication routine can be confusing, but PozTracker provides helpful adherence tips to help keep you on track. 

  • GoodRx


    iPhone – 4 stars with 609 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.5 stars with 3,451 reviews – Free

    Everyone enjoys saving money on prescription drugs, so it’s no surprise that the GoodRx app is wildly popular. GoodRx compares drug prices between pharmacies, provides savings tips for thousands of prescriptions, and includes a pill identifier with photos of more than 3,000 drugs. The reviews ring with the praises of users who have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars using GoodRx.

    Most of the savings coupons can be used just by handing your device to your pharmacist. You won’t even need a printer. Reviewer Michelle exclaimed, “This is the most useful and amazing app ever!” 

  • HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator

    HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator

    iPhone – Not enough ratings – Free

    Android – 5 stars with 1 rating – Free

    HIV hits patients with such a variety of symptoms that finding services can be a dizzying experience. Anyone looking for HIV services and testing will love the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator. Created by and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this app is the first of its kind to use location-based searching to show you nearby service providers on a map.

    You can use it to discover providers you didn’t know about in locations where you already receive services. Features include testing services, health centers, and more. There’s even a search tool for housing providers.

  • About HIV

    About HIV

    Android – 3.5 stars with 6 reviews – Free

    Even though HIV was discovered over three decades old, many people still don’t know the basics about the disease, like how you can (and can’t) get HIV, or what treatments are available. Even if you’ve already been diagnosed, it’s important to continue to get new information. Whether you suffer from HIV or just want to learn more about it, About HIV will fill you in.

    This general reference app provides facts, news, videos, testing locations, and much more. About HIV explains HIV transmission as well as signs and symptoms you should be aware of. 



    Android – 4.8 stars with 11 reviews – Free

    The fight against HIV has been advanced by the hard work of thousands of people who have made reliable disease information available. HIV ATLAS brings together online and offline resources so anyone can stay current.

    This app sends information, collected through a devoted team of volunteers, to nearly a million subscribers daily. It also sorts through news on tuberculosis and malaria. One Google user rated HIV Atlas five stars and said, “Great app. Really very meaningful information.”

  • HIV Risk Calculator

    HIV Risk Calculator

    Android – 3.6 stars with 32 reviews – Free

    Thinking you have been exposed to HIV through sexual activity can leave your mind racing. Although it’s no substitute for professional medical help, the HIV Risk Calculator can ease your fears or tell you to get help right away.

    This easy-to-use app identifies the probabilities associated with HIV sexual transmission. It's a good way to learn about the risk levels associated with your sex life, safe sex tips based on the latest recommended best practices, and where and how to get tested for HIV. HIV Risk Calculator will also help you understand what test results might mean for you.

  • The Body

    The Body

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 10 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.7 stars with 32 reviews – Free

    An HIV diagnosis for you or a loved one is likely the most frightening news you’ll ever receive. While treatments and longevity have dramatically improved, information and a strong community are critical to good health. That’s why The Body is the complete resource on HIV/AIDS.

    With a mission to improve the lives of anyone touched by HIV, this app includes the latest news, research, and personal stories. Information is sorted by special information for HIV high-risk groups. The Body is recommended for anyone in need of HIV treatment news and community support. 

  • NAM aidsmap

    NAM aidsmap

    iPhone – Not enough ratings – Free

    Android – 4.4 stars with 9 reviews – Free

    “National AIDS Manual” was a thick-bound notebook that was one of the few comprehensive sources of HIV information at the time. NAM aidsmap provides the latest news about HIV and AIDS, from a United Kingdom perspective. This companion app to the NAM website helps you stay on top of current news about HIV, AIDS, research, treatment, and more. The app comes with original articles curated by NAM editors, and it includes a daily selection of HIV-related stories from other websites.

  • Fight the Good Fight

    Fight the Good Fight

    Over 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, according to The good news is that a 20-year-old diagnosed with HIV today can expect to live 50 years. An HIV diagnosis is surely life changing, but it doesn’t have to be fatal. These apps don’t replace the best treatment, the best information, or a dynamic community, but they can help provide them. They also provide hope that HIV will someday be history. 

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    We selected these HIV apps based on their potential to aid people with HIV and their loved ones in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included: user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to HIV and its community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make life with HIV more manageable.

Please note: Healthline Networks does not endorse or warrant for fitness of purpose any of these applications. These apps have not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Healthline Networks and unless otherwise indicated, haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).