The Best Depression iPhone & Android Apps of the Year

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  • Getting On-the-Go Help for Depression

    Getting On-the-Go Help for Depression

    Depression can cause both physical and emotional effects. It can lead to feelings of sadness and cause you to withdraw from things you enjoy. If you’re dealing with depression, you’re certainly not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that depression affects about one in 10 Americans.

    Read about the best depression apps of the year. They may become a helpful part of your treatment, and be your ticket to a more positive outlook.

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  • Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

    Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

    Android – 4.3 stars with 467 ratings – 50K-100K installs – Free

    Stress from many different sources can contribute to depression. But, with the help of the Depression CBT Self-Help Guide, you can manage your stress. The app helps you understand the causes of depression, and it explains self-help behaviors you can adopt to reduce symptoms.

    Read articles about cognitive behavioral therapy and listen to audio tracks that help you meditate and relax. Use the Cognitive Thought Diary to identify stressful thinking and respond with positive feedback. The app even includes a feature that helps measure the severity of your depression. 

  • Positive Thinking

    Positive Thinking

    Android – 4.2 stars with 749 ratings – 100K-500K installs – Free

    Sometimes, a simple, uplifting quote or hopeful message can brighten your day or improve your outlook. If you’re looking for encouraging thoughts on love or happiness, you can easily search the Positive Thinking app for just the right message.

    The app includes a wide range of inspirational quotes and happy thoughts, all presented in an appealing interface. If you have your own positive messages you’d like to include in the app’s list, you can upload them or share them with others.

  • depressioncheck


    iPhone – 4 stars with 105 ratings – Free

    If you want to know if those uneasy feelings you’re having may really be serious, the depressioncheck app can quickly and effectively evaluate your symptoms. Through an easy-to-use questionnaire, the app can help you keep track of your symptoms. Within a few minutes, it can suggest whether you may be at risk for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or PTSD. 

    The app also responds with feedback to help you understand what these conditions may be doing to your health. If your symptoms indicate the likelihood of depression or another mental disorder, the information stored in the app can help your doctor make a solid diagnosis. 

  • Pain and Depression Relief

    Pain and Depression Relief

    Android – 4.1 stars with 29 ratings – 1K to 5K installs – $1.99

    iPhone – 4 stars with 46 ratings – $0.99

    Insomnia is not only a result of depression, it’s also a problem that can make your depression even worse. The Pain and Depression Relief app uses specially prepared songs and sounds to help you relax and fall asleep. One of the app’s most interesting features is its use of binaural entertainment, which means each ear receives a different tone. You can also opt for isochronic music, which consists of repeated beats of a single tone.

    There’s proven science behind this treatment. It is aimed at controlling your response to pain and depression by helping you relax mentally and get a good night’s sleep.

  • Depression Inventory

    Depression Inventory

    Android – 3.5 stars with 59 ratings – 10K to 50K installs – Free

    Keeping track of your depression symptoms from week to week may be confusing. But the Depression Inventory app helps you keep your thoughts and feelings organized by administering a simple questionnaire. Rate your symptoms each week to see if they’re getting better, worse or staying the same.

    This is a simple way to take stock of your depression symptoms. And, you use it to show your mental health care provider how you’re feeling in between appointments.

  • Psych Drugs

    Psych Drugs

    iPhone – 4 stars with 5 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.0 stars with 127 ratings – 10K to 50K installs – Free

    There are many types of medications used to treat depression and other mental disorders. Psych Drugs helps you learn about how common medications differ from one another. And, you can learn what types of drugs are useful for your particular condition.

    The app also provides important information about possible side effects. Its other features help make this app a must-have for people with depression and their health care providers. The app also includes reminders, a personality checker, and a dictionary packed with medical terms.

  • NIH Depression Info

    NIH Depression Info

    Android – 4.2 stars with 26 ratings – 10K to 50K installs – Free

    Using this app is like having a depression textbook in the palm of your hand. The NIH Depression Info app includes detailed information about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments for the condition. You can also find information about how to start looking for help if you or someone you know shows signs of depression.

    Medical terms, such as “bipolar disorder” and “depressive disorder” can get confusing. But, this app’s reliable information from the National Institutes of Health will help you keep it all straight. 

  • Moody Me

    Moody Me

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 21 ratings – Free

    Your mood is subject to many factors. With the Moody Me app, you can keep better track of the things that make you happy and sad. You can log your mood and note what might have caused you to feel a certain way at any time. If your feelings are affected by medications, that information can be helpful in managing your treatment. If there are certain things you see around you that make you happy, take a photo and retrieve it whenever you need a little mood boost.

    After you note your moods, you can use the Moody Me app to produce a colorful chart of your moods and look back to see how they changed throughout the last few months.

  • Health Through Breath

    Health Through Breath

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 472 ratings -- $6.99

    Android – 4.1 stars with 29 ratings – 5K to 10K installs – Free

    If you’ve studied meditation and yoga, you know that proper breathing can relieve stress and improve your mood. The Health Through Breath app can get you started learning breathing techniques that will help you learn to relax and find some balance in life. The app notes that even just 15 minutes of focused breathing can help with other conditions, too, like headaches, high blood pressure, and asthma.

    The app counts out your timed breathing techniques and uses soothing sound effects to help move you from one breathing stage to the next. One feature even lets you see what happens inside your body during slow breathing.

  • Fig


    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 18 ratings -- $1.99

    Android – 3.6 stars with 104 ratings – 10K to 50K installs – Free

    The Fig app offers information on hundreds of activities—perfect for anyone trying to achieve better personal wellness. The activities are distributed across six categories: eat, move, refresh, feel, connect, and go further. But, the activities aren’t simply part of a long to-do list. You learn why certain things, like drinking enough water each day, are important to your overall health.

    The app even lets you add inspiring activities of your own. With Fig, you don’t have to make your journey to wellness alone. You can share your successes with others and support them as they reach their milestones. 

  • Fitness Builder

    Fitness Builder

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 64 ratings – Free

    Android – 4 stars with 317 ratings – 50K to 100K installs – Free

    Exercise releases feel-good endorphins and boosts your energy level. So, it can be a big help in improving your mood and reducing anxiety. With the Fitness Builder app, you can choose from more than 1,000 workouts that are accompanied by over 7,000 images and videos. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to create your own workouts, and then share them with others.

    The app allows you to create a multi-week fitness plan, schedule workouts, track your weight, and even access live personal trainers. It also lets you keep up with the latest in health and fitness news.

  • Smiling Mind

    Smiling Mind

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 65 ratings – Free

    Android – 2.6 stars with 49 ratings – 5K to 10K installs – Free

    The blues can affect people of all ages. But, the Smiling Mind app is specifically targeted at young people overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or depression. Developed by psychologists with special training in adolescent therapy, the app helps teach young people about mindfulness meditation.

    New features include daily meditations geared for specific age groups. You can keep track of how many minutes you’ve meditated and do a short self-check after each meditation to see if you feel more optimistic and more in-tune. If you’ve never meditated before, the guided meditations featured provide a good start.

  • Super Better

    Super Better

    iPhone – 3 stars with 67 ratings – $4.99

    Developed by game designers with input from psychologists and other medical professionals, Super Better is a self-help app disguised as a game. The goal is to feel more empowered, take on tough challenges, get support and encouragement, and change the things that aren’t working in your life.

    Customized quests will help you better handle real-world challenges. And, like a game, you can identify the foes that are holding you back and power up with activities that improve your outlook. One reviewer said: “Self-motivation is hard, but playing a game is easy.” 

  • Sleep Cycle

    Sleep Cycle

    iPhone – 5 stars with 5,750 ratings – $0.99

    Having depression can cause noticeable changes in your sleep habits. You may find you’re sleeping more, or you may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. That means waking up in the morning can be a real challenge, especially if you have to get out of bed in the middle of a deep sleep. But, with the Sleep Cycle app, you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start your day.

    This popular app analyzes your sleep and wakes you during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. This intelligent alarm clock can detect your movement during sleep and wakes you up at the optimal time during a 30-minute alarm window.

  • Happy Habits

    Happy Habits

    Android – 4.2 stars with 237 ratings – 10K to 50K installs – Free

    The Happy Habits app uses the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to improve your mood. CBT helps you change the way you think about the people and things in your life. By thinking differently, your feelings and actions will also change.

    The app features a 119-question quiz covering 14 factors that affect your mood. Based on your answers, Happy Habits provides suggestions to create more happiness in your life. Other features include audio components, a happiness journal to record affirmations and positive events, and articles about CBT and happiness.

  • Secret of Happiness

    Secret of Happiness

    Android – 4.3 stars with 3,028 ratings – 100K to 500K installs – Free

    Can you find happiness in a month? The Secret of Happiness thinks you can. This app’s 30-day challenge just may help you find your own secret to a happier life.

    Every morning the app asks you to focus on something that makes you happy, such as a list of three things to be thankful for. At night, you respond to a similar prompt, thinking of an event that made you happy during the day. By training your brain to be more aware of what makes you happy, you may find that at the end of 30 days, you know your secret to happiness. 

  • What’sMyM3


    iPhone – 4 stars with 32 ratings – Free

    The M3 is, essentially, a mental health score. Keeping track of your M3 is just as important as keeping track of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. That’s where this app steps in. What’sMyM3, approved by the National Committee for Qaulity Assurance, poses a series of questions and determines your M3 score based on your answers.

    While not an official diagnosis, the results can give you a solid sense of how much your anxiety or depression is burdening your everyday life. A high score signals that it may be time for a mental health evaluation.

  • Moodkit


    iPhone – 5 stars with 51 ratings -- $4.99

    As its name implies, Moodkit contains a set of tools to help you brighten your mood and improve your outlook. The app not only helps you change your outlook, it assists you in taking positive steps in your life.

    Moodkit lets you easily track your mood, and it helps you become more self-aware. You can use its journal features to easily record your feelings. And, other features help you better manage the thoughts, fears, and feelings that cause you stress or anxiety.

  • Reason for Hope

    Reason for Hope

    According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the primary sources of disability around the world. It contributes to many physical and mental health complications. But, it is treatable. Various types of talk therapy, medications and lifestyle adjustments have all been shown to help individuals dealing with depression.

    These apps cannot replace the care of trained professionals. But many of them can help you recognize symptoms so you can get treatment if necessary. Others can help brighten your day and give you hope that better times lie ahead.

  • Methodology


    We selected these depression apps based on their potential to help people deal with depression in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to depression and the needs of people who have depressive symptoms. Together, this collection represents a valuable cross section of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are designed to help users understand depression and find ways to improve their mental outlook.

Please note: Healthline Networks does not endorse or warrant for fitness of purpose any of these applications. These apps have not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Healthline Networks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haven’t approved them unless otherwise indicated.