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The Best Breast Cancer iPhone & Android Apps of 2013

  • Breast Cancer’s Far Reach

    Breast cancer, unfortunately, is far too common in today’s society. According to the American Cancer Society, American women have a 12 percent chance of developing breast cancer. If you, a family member or friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about this treatable disease. Browse the Google Play or the iTunes Store to find these apps. Many of them are free and offer valuable information.

  • RunDouble: Couch to 5K Tracker

    Android – 4.8 stars (out of 5) with 5,774 ratings - Free

    For those interested in the hugely popular Komen Race for the Cure runs, this breast cancer app may just be the most useful freebie you’ll get. The RunDouble: Couch to 5K Tracker is a great tool to help train newbies to run a 5K (or more!).

    This app works like a personal trainer for your upcoming breast cancer awareness race. It tracks your progress, provides motivation and lets you assemble a playlist. The instruction for interval training is a valuable feature too. Get the download and get ready to cross the finish line for a cure!

  • Med Helper PRO

    iPhone – 3 stars with 17 ratings - Free
    Android – 4.8 stars with 198 ratings - $3.99

    EarthFlare’s Med Helper PRO is an great deal. Not only does it keep track of prescription medications and pill regimens, it also serves as a personal medical assistant.

    Med Helper PRO keeps track of upcoming appointments, multiple health conditions (for multiple family members), and even enables an export of your medical information. Take notes on your symptoms and the side effects of your breast cancer meds.  Make your next doctor’s visit a breeze with this handheld record of your medication use and symptoms.

  • CareZone

    This app is created with the caregiver in mind. Whether it’s childcare or eldercare, relaying information to all parties involved can be an issue. No matter how hard you try, it seems some detail is bound to slip through the cracks.

    This app from CareZone allows you to sync calendars and schedules, keep track of medication and important numbers, create to-do lists, and leave notes for other caregivers to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

  • Bliss HD+

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 26 ratings - $1.99

    This game app doesn’t focus on breast cancer content, but provides hours of amusement for a good cause. Bliss HD+ offers a relaxing (yet addicting) game that works to fund breast cancer awareness.

    You can donate up to 50 percent of the purchase price, as well as points from your scores, to The Beautiful Day Foundation. Help raise money for breast cancer awareness while unwinding, and spread the word—it’s a fun, simple app to help find a cure!

  • Keep a Breast

    iPhone – 4 stars with 283 ratings - Free

    A prevention and education tool all in one, The Keep a Breast Foundation breast cancer awareness app is the reminder every woman needs. The app provides monthly automatic reminders and instructions for breast self-exams.

    The Keep a Breast app also offers the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the foundation’s activities, awareness efforts, and breast cancer prevention network. Protect yourself and get involved with this useful, educational app.

  • Your Man Reminder

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 36 ratings - Free
    Android – 3.8 stars with 111 ratings -Free

    Your Man Reminder app is a breast self-exam reminder to help you take care of your monthly check-up. Not only does it automatically remind you when it’s time to get checked, it does so with a hot guy of your choice giving you the message.

    This handy app by Rethink Breast Cancer contains a lot more than just eye candy. Info on signs and symptoms to look out for and note-taking features let you keep track of any questions you think of during your exam. Bring your notes and questions to your doctor at your next doctor’s appointment.

  • Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 5 ratings - Free

    Beyond the Shock literally helps users get beyond the emotional paralysis of the first weeks of breast cancer. The app is designed for everyone touched by breast cancer: women who have been diagnosed, their loved ones, and interested health professionals.

    Filled with education about breast cancer, this app also lets users ask questions and interact with women who have been in their shoes and lived to tell their stories. It can be an invaluable tool to help the newly diagnosed readjust to their new life.

  • iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID

    iPhone – 4 stars with 21 ratings - Free
    Android – 4.2 stars with 5,586 ratings - Free

    Anyone who has had cancer knows that keeping track of the medication regimen can be a stressful job in itself. The iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID app combines a pharmacy discount card with a fabulous medication resource. The app’s database also helps users keep track of when to take their meds.

    The app helps identify prescription drugs and provides information about dosage, warnings, and contraindications (in case some of your medications interact negatively with others). Take advantage of this app’s many useful features to make the battle with breast cancer just a little less stressful.

  • Pills on the Go

    Android – 4.2 stars with 377 ratings - Free

    The Pills on the Go app is a great way to keep track of medications. It offers a reminder system for up to eight free medication regimens. It will also give you warning when you are about to run out of medication. As a bonus, the history feature lets you keep track of what you have already taken for the day.

    Set the automatic snooze (in case you don’t hear the first alarm) to make sure you never miss a dose again! Pills on the Go is a great, simple app for medication tracking for breast cancer patients.

  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 10 ratings – Free

    The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide for iPhones is just that: a guide to the world of your personal diagnosis. Learn the medical terminology, find answers to your diagnosis questions, and read articles about your particular cancer type.

    The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide will keep you up to date on breast cancer news and will also help you understand your diagnostic reports. Download this breast cancer app and never be in the dark about your own condition again.

  • Dr K’s Breast Checker

    iPhone – 4 stars with 42 ratings – Free

    A yearly mammogram can help detect breast cancer, but what happens between appointments? Women of all ages should get into the habit of checking their own breasts for anything that doesn’t feel “right,” or “normal.” Dr. K’s Breast Checker is a fantastic tool to get you on the path to regular breast self-exams. The app teaches you how to be aware of your body and lets you record changes you find. Automated reminders keep your breast health in the forefront of your mind so you won’t forget the next check.

  • iEat for Life: Breast Cancer

    iPhone – 3 stars with 14 ratings – Free

    If you’re going through breast cancer treatment, you’ll need plenty of energy to see it through. Your doctor most likely has already outlined a diet plan for you, to help you get all the nutrition you need during this trying time. Use iEat for Life: Breast Cancer as a companion to your medical team’s advice. The database contains nutritional values and cooking tips for countless food items. The app also includes research studies that cite certain foods as being beneficial for the prevention or healing of breast cancer.

  • Breast Cancer Ribbons

    iPhone – 4 stars with 49 ratings - $0.99

    The pink ribbon is a highly recognizable symbol of breast cancer. Survivors wear ribbons to symbolize their battle against breast cancer. Family and friends of those who have lost their battle proudly display pink ribbons as a reminder of their loved one. The Breast Cancer Ribbons app is a series of pink ribbon wallpapers and inspirational messages that will remind you of the fight against this devastating disease.

  • Breast Self Exam

    iPhone – 5 stars with 10 ratings  - $0.99

    Monthly breast self-exams are a huge part of staying healthy. Checking your breasts alerts you to possibly problematic lumps and bumps that you can then bring to your doctor’s attention. Breast Self Exam tracks your self-checks and summarizes the results in an easy-to-read report that you can bring to your physician’s office. Personalize the app with a photograph of yourself, or stick to the animated interface.

  • iBreastCheck

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 35 ratings  - Free

    Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s breast check app is an essential tool for all women. Early detection of breast cancer means you have a better shot at winning, so it’s important to do your self-checks each and every month. iBreastCheck contains a video that shows you how to do an effective breast check, and explains why it’s a crucial part of preventive health. Set up your reminder time and choose the frequency that works for you – weekly, every two weeks, or monthly.

  • Cancer Coach

    iPhone – not enough ratings to display averages – Free

    Cancer Coach is a management tool and encyclopedic reference all rolled into one. Developed by and Fight Colorectal Cancer, the app explains the lingo of cancer, explains treatment options, and assembles personalized treatment reports. Journal about your experience through writing or voice recording. The calendar function lets you track doctors appointments and treatment days easily.

  • Spread the Word

    When it comes to breast cancer (and a myriad of other medical conditions), awareness is a key to making changes. Apps play a huge role in teaching women how to do self-exams, as well as how to weigh the different treatment options for breast cancer. As always, use personal technology as a supplement to professional medical care. If you’re concerned about a lump or nervous about your upcoming breast exam, consult your doctor.

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    We selected these apps based on their potential to aid people who suffer from breast cancer. Additional factors included user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to breast cancer patients’ needs. This list represents a wide range of helpful iPhone and Android apps that make it easier to manage this condition.

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