ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The 16 Best ADHD iPhone & Android Apps of 2013

  • ADHD Help On the Go

    Life is more complicated when you have constant trouble focusing and paying attention. More than 5.4 million kids in the U.S. live with ADHD, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry reports between 30 and 60 percent still deal with ADHD as adults.

    There are a variety of smartphone solutions for those having trouble remembering their homework or getting to work on time. These 16 apps do everything from setting reminders and creating to-do lists, to improving concentration.

  • Due — super fast reminders, reusable egg timers

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 1,418 ratings – $4.99

    Do you have trouble keeping track of your to-do list? Due – superfast reminders, reusable egg timers is like a high-tech version of the string around your finger. It immediately reminds you of everything you need to do during the day—without cutting off your circulation.

    This simple app enables users to create a reminder and alert in seconds. Whether it’s boiling an egg, walking the dog, or bringing that important document to work, Due keeps you on track with 12 distinct, one-time and recurrent reminder alert tones. The tones are louder and longer for vital tasks and subtler for less important to-dos.

  • EpicWin

    iPhone – 4 stars with 1,370 ratings – $2.99

    Getting through your chores when you have ADHD can seem like a Herculean task. Role-playing app EpicWin turns even the most tedious tasks into fun and stimulating adventures. Instead of dreading doing the dishes and washing the laundry, you’ll actually look forward to them!

    Just enter your everyday tasks into the app’s easy-to-use interface and choose your avatar. Every time you “conquer” a chore in animated battles, you’ll be rewarded with points to increase your character’s stats, riches, and level. You’ll never look at housework the same way again!

  • Evernote

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 19,212 ratings – Free
    Android – 4.7 stars with 633,252 ratings – Free

    Want access to your notes on all of your devices? This New York Times “Must-have app” allows you to keep track of notes and create to-do lists, as well as take photos or record voice reminders.

    Reduce mental and paper clutter by jotting down ideas and notes on your smartphone. Snap photos of book pages at the library so you can remember them later. Organize your recipe collection or take notes during a meeting—all through this handy app. You can sync your files across all of your devices to access them from anywhere. You can also share them with others via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Clear

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 4,548 ratings – $1.99

    Creating to-do lists is an easy way to stay on top of everyday tasks. But you don’t have to cover your fridge and desk with scraps of paper to help you remember. Clear helps you create and organize lists in one place.

    With this app you can write all sorts of lists. Compile lists of your favorite movies and books, so you can recommend them to friends. Build a bucket list to remind you that you still need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or write the great American novel. With a new feature, all you have to do is shake your phone and the app will email your list, so you can share it with anyone.

  • Dragon Dictation

    iPhone – 3 stars with 83,648 Ratings – Free

    Despite the name, there’s nothing menacing about this app. In fact, the only thing this Dragon will destroy is the tedium of typing email messages, notes, and texts.

    You speak, and this speech recognition app enters your words right onto your phone—up to five times faster than you could type them. Even if you’re a whiz on the keyboard, Dragon Dictation will save you time and effort. You can even take notes or send texts while driving. And if you make a mistake, use the app’s quick and easy editing feature or voice-driven correction component.

  • Remember The Milk

    iPhone – 3 stars with 27,441 ratings – Free
    Android – 4.4 stars with 20,980 ratings – Free

    How many times have you come home from the supermarket, only to discover that you’ve forgotten that one, all-important item? With Remember the Milk, you won’t forget the milk, or anything else, again.

    This popular app helps you create and manage your to-do lists and notes. Update them live while you’re on the go, and back them up online so you never lose track of a single task. Remember the Milk will even sync your lists across all of your devices.

  • Momento (Diary/Journal)

    iPhone – 4 stars with 2,844 ratings – $2.99

    This app is for anyone who always wanted to keep a journal but couldn’t find the time. Even if you’re not much of a writer, Momento makes it easy to record all the meaningful moments in your life.

    This award-winning app allows you to create a record of important events through words and pictures. Organize events by importance and tag people you encounter so you can search them by keyword or category later. Post your notes and pictures to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Momento can also import and archive your social media activity to create a diary for you. Now what could be easier than that?

  • Attention Exercise

    Android – 3.5 stars with 14 ratings – Free

    Do you struggle to stay focused? A lot of people with ADHD share your frustration. Attention Exercise can improve your concentration with simple drawing tasks that take hardly any time from your already hectic schedule.

    Based on Edward M. Hallowell, MD’s groundbreaking book, Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder, these daily exercises will lengthen your attention span while they improve your focus. And if you forget to do your exercises, a daily reminder will keep you on track.

  • MindNode

    iPhone – 4 stars with 628 ratings – $9.99

    Are you constantly coming up with great ideas, only to forget them hours, or even moments later? With MindNode, you’ll be able to map out your ideas and tasks visually, using a tree-like branching system called nodes.

    You just type in important notes and events. Then you can move the nodes around to connect and reconnect ideas with a tap of your finger. Highlight important nodes using different colors and fonts, and then search for whatever node you need at the moment. You can share your MindNode file on your Mac, or export it to one of several compatible formats.

  • Dropbox

    iPhone – 4 stars with 40,467 ratings – Free
    Android – 4.6 stars with 294,571 ratings – Free

    Have you ever been in a business meeting and realized the files you needed were still sitting on your computer at home? Or, did you ever want to show a friend a great photo you’d taken, but you couldn’t access it because it was on your desktop? With Dropbox, you’ll always have easy access to important files, photos, and videos.

    Just upload your documents to your Dropbox. Then, share them on your iPhone or other device wherever you are, and with whomever you like! You get up to 2 GB of space free when you sign up, and you can earn an extra 3 GB for uploading your photos and videos.

  • HomeRoutines

    iPhone – 4 stars with 1,211 ratings – $4.99

    Keeping up with everyday chores can be boring. You can make them easier and more fun with this app. HomeRoutines helps you organize your chores, so you’ll know exactly what you need to tackle each day.

    Once you’ve created your to-do list, HomeRoutines will automatically remind you when it’s time to mop the kitchen floor or wash the windows. With the built-in timer, you can see if you’ve set a new record in vacuuming—or if you can clean your way through the bedroom before your favorite TV show comes on. If having a sparkling house isn’t reward enough, HomeRoutines will give you a gold star for everything you finish.

  • 30/30

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 2,912 ratings – Free

    For anyone who has trouble finishing projects comes the ultimate time organizer. 30/30 is remarkably simple: You set up a task—such as washing the car or doing the laundry. Assign it a set time—like 30 minutes. Then you just start the timer. As you work, you’ll see exactly how much time you have left. When time is up, 30/30 will tell you to move on to the next task.

    30/30’s helpful, easy-to-use design has earned this app rave reviews from critics at G4, The Washington Post, and

  • Adult ADHD

    iPhone – No customer ratings – $0.99

    Many ADHD apps are targeted to kids—helping them get their homework done on time and study for tests. Yet millions of adults also have ADHD, and many of them could use a little extra help staying on track.

    Adult ADHD is an app designed for adults by medical specialists. Adult ADHD starts from the beginning. It asks you a series of questions to make sure you do have ADHD. Then it provides tips for managing your condition using medication, diet, organizational tools, and other lifestyle interventions. Adult ADHD will also keep you updated on all the latest ADHD research news.

  • iReward Chart

    iPhone – 4 stars with 952 ratings – $3.99
    Android – 3.7 stars with 193 ratings – $3.99

    If you are a parent tired of having to beg and plead with your children to do their chores, this app can help. iReward Chart will have your kids asking to make the bed and wash the dishes. The secret is in the reward system.

    Every chore your children finish earns them a star. Once they’ve earned enough stars, they get whatever reward you’ve chosen, like a trip to the movies or a new book. The app also gives a list of reward suggestions. With this kind of incentive, it’s no wonder that iReward Chart was named “Best Parenting App” three years in a row!

  • Bento

    iPhone – 3.5 stars with 3,933 ratings – $4.99

    This app has the same name as the lunchbox meal served in Japanese restaurants. Just as the Bento box organizes your lunch into compartments—meat, fish, and rice—the Bento app helps you compartmentalize your daily tasks so you can easily access and track them.

    Bento will help you organize projects, plan events and meetings, manage lists, and arrange your contacts using your choice of 25 different templates. Keep track of numbers, dates, times, locations, phone numbers, and a variety of other data. All of it is readily searchable. Plus, Bento can sync with your other iPhone apps.

  • deskPad Office

    iPhone – 3 stars with 17 ratings – $3.99

    Are your desk, fridge, and countertops covered with sticky notes? If so, you probably can’t find the reminder you need when you need it. deskPad Office brings note taking into the twenty-first century. It lets you post notes in one place on your iPhone screen, rather than all over your house.

    Type or handwrite your notes. You can even add drawings! Color code and highlight important messages so you’ll be sure to see them. The newest version of deskPad office also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard.

  • Getting Control of ADHD

    Researchers are learning more about ADHD every day. Their discoveries allow both children and adults with the condition to live more productive, fruitful lives. Treatment for ADHD involves a combination of medication, talk therapy, and lifestyle measures. Although no app can take the place of established treatments, these mobile products can help you improve your productivity, keep track of important goals and tasks, and maximize your potential!

  • Methodology

    We selected these ADHD apps based on their potential to aid people who suffer from this condition. Additional factors included user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to patients’ needs. This list represents a wide range of helpful iPhone and Android apps that make it easier to manage ADHD.

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