Train to Be a Superhero Stuntman

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  • Get Ready for the Action

    Get Ready for the Action

    Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton has stepped in for James Bond, Thor, and Batman, but he’s unsure who would win in a fight. “Bond has a gun, so there’s an advantage there.”

    No matter the role, Bobby must stay in shape to take super risks. He took time out from his latest film, the Wachowski Brothers’ “Jupiter Ascending,” to share how he stays healthy for the action-packed scenes. 

  • Start The Day Off Right

    Start The Day Off Right

    If you want to have the physique of Thor, you better eat like a god. Bobby eats within 30 minutes of waking and includes some serious protein like grilled turkey or chicken breast. Along with some bird, he adds in avocado, raw nuts, and spinach. Later in the day, he’ll get some smart nutrition from quinoa and avoid white carbs.

    “Some people say you’re not supposed to have carbs, but I’ll have them all day,” he said. “But I’ll make good decisions.”

  • Choose the Right Liquids

    Choose the Right Liquids

    Chances are you’ve heard you should drink more water and you probably still aren’t getting enough. If you plan on defending the city at night and still keeping your day job, you’re going to need to stay hydrated.  

    Bobby says drinking water throughout the day keeps his body in shape and green tea is his preferred beverage when waking up.

  • Choose Your Boost Wisely

    Choose Your Boost Wisely

    Don’t believe the energy drink marketing—real super heroes are smart with their energy. Instead of slamming sugar-laden drinks, go for something where you can pronounce the ingredients. 

    Besides green tea, Bobby may down a shot of espresso about a half-hour before his workout for the proper boost.

  • Avoid Gym Ratting

    Avoid Gym Ratting

    Bobby uses circuit training—short bouts of fast-paced exercises that use his own body weight— and fast-paced cardio on the treadmill to build lean muscle that moves easier during super stunts. He says this allows him to get a workout in and still have time for other things in life.

    “You don’t have to be in the gym for hours,” he said.

  • Stay Driven

    Stay Driven

    Bobby said the hardest thing he’s done so far is trying to put on size and stay lean to match Chris Hemsworth’s physique in Thor. It involved training twice a day for nine months. “That was up to me though,” he said. “I could have not put in the work and lost the role.”

    “Try to achieve change for the better. It’s always best to give it a go,” he said. “When you see the results, that’s when you need to keep going.”

  • Trust in Your Team

    Trust in Your Team

    Batman’s part of the Justice League and Thor has the rest of The Avengers, proving that no matter how strong you are individually, you always need backup. 

    Bobby has to put great trust in his team when doing a stunt and has been working with the same people for years. He says trust and discipline make his team successful and he’s not about to change anything. “If you’ve got a good team, why change the format?”

  • Change It Up

    Change It Up

    While sticking to a routine is key in safety on set, Bobby says changing the kinds of roles he has keep things interesting. For those trying to follow in his stuntman footsteps, he recommends trying different things—like changing workouts—and let the small changes give you the inspirational boost you need. 

    “Every job I do is never going to be the same for me,” he said. “It’s never going to be boring.”

  • Don’t Neglect Your Hair and Skin

    Don’t Neglect Your Hair and Skin

    Running into burning buildings and getting punched in the face can do some damage, so as long as you're taking care of your body, you shouldn’t neglect your looks. Especially if you’re going to be on camera.

    For Bobby, clasping all those wigs to his head can do a number on his hair, so he recommends the Dove Men+Care line of products to keep his hair strong and his skin ready for extra takes. 

  • Start Your Superhero Training Today

    Start Your Superhero Training Today

    While Bobby spent years getting in shape—including years of gymnastics and professional soccer—that doesn’t mean you can make better choices to be ready to take down whatever super villain you face daily.

    See you in the movies.