Top 7 Psoriasis-Friendly Vacation Spots

Top 7 Psoriasis-Friendly Vacation Spots

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  • The Itch to Travel

    The Itch to Travel

    If you’re looking for an excuse to skip town, let your psoriasis be your guide. There are plenty of places on this planet you can travel to relax your mind and improve your skin. We’ve put together some vacation ideas for you. Click “next” to find out where you could go. 

  • Florida


    The regular sunshine and humidity of Florida are great for your skin. If the thought of wearing a swimming suit makes you uncomfortable, there are private beaches available up and down the Sunshine State. Between Sarasota and Fort Myers, check out Warm Mineral Springs—the fabled “Fountain of Youth”—that boasts the highest mineral concentration in all of North America.

  • The Mediterranean Sea

    The Mediterranean Sea

    The summer weather around the Mediterranean Sea is warm and sunny, but the weather’s not the area’s only appeal. The Mediterranean diet is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrition that’s linked to numerous health benefits, such as reducing the severity of psoriasis symptoms. Cities along the coast, such as Barcelona, Rome, and Monaco, offer some of the best and healthiest dining in the world.

  • Avène Thermal Spring, France

    Avène Thermal Spring, France

    Discovered some 250 odd years ago, the Avène Thermal Spring has been used to relieve skin inflammation and irritation for centuries. The Avène Hydrotherapy Centre offers a 21-day treatment for people with all different types of skin conditions, including psoriasis. If you live in France, government healthcare will cover your treatment. Children are welcome there as well.

  • The Dead Sea, Israel

    The Dead Sea, Israel

    The fabled Dead Sea in Israel has long been a destination for people with psoriasis. The lowered elevation protects your skin from sun damage, so you can soak in extra rays to help improve your skin. The high salt content of the water—which prevents organisms from living in it—can also relieve and prevent psoriasis scales.

  • Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a great place to spend a few weeks. The 100-degree geothermal seawater is filled with beneficial algae and minerals that have been touted for its ability to improve psoriasis symptoms. However, it’s a pricy adventure: daily access to the spa starts at around $45. If price is an issue, check out Soap Lake, a mineral lake in Washington State.

  • Soap Lake, Washington

    Soap Lake, Washington

    Soap Lake is more of a DIY spa treatment. There are no formal treatments at the lake, but soaking in the mineral-rich waters and mud have been used to treat psoriasis for decades. Summer temperatures in the 80s and 90s makes lying around the lake slathered in skin-softening mud even more enticing.

  • Manitou Beach, Canada

    Manitou Beach, Canada

    Manitou Beach in Watrous, Saskatchewan is fed by underground springs, transforming this shallow lake inside Lake Huron into a 14-mile-long, mineral-rich therapeutic spa. There are plenty of small hotels and inns around the lake to accommodate visitors, but your best bet is to go during the summer months before the chilly Canadian weather takes over.

  • Ready to Go Yet?

    Ready to Go Yet?

    Before you book your plane tickets, scope out what else the area has to offer. Caring for your psoriasis takes up enough of your daily routine, so you don’t want to devote all your vacation time to it as well. Remember, stress is a major trigger for psoriasis flares, so the more relaxed you are on vacation, the better your skin will fare.