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15 Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos

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  • Thank you

    Thank you

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the MS-inspired tattoo contest.Due to all the amazing submissions, we’ve expanded our favorites list from 12to 15. It was extremely difficult to narrow the entry pool down to just15—especially since everyone who entered has one thing in common: you’re acourageous fighter who refuses to let MS trample your spirit.

    Click through theslideshow to get inspired by our favorite tattoos (in no particular order).

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  • Share Your Tattoo with Us

    Share Your Tattoo with Us invites you to share a photo of a tattoo you got that was inspired by your fight with MS. Please include a brief explanation of the inspiration behind the tattoo. What does the tattoo meant to you? Why did you choose to get the tattoo? Was there anything special that motivated the design?

    To participate:

    • Send a clear photo of your tattoo (at least 285x285 in .jpg or .png format) to with the subject line “My MS tattoo” by April 17, 2015.
    • In 90 words or less, describe the inspiration behind your tattoo.
    • Please identify if you'd like your name published or not.
    • Healthline will then publish them and share with our Facebook community.

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  • Dave Sackett

    Dave Sackett

    After I wasdiagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), my son designedour tats. The words "fight," "overcome,""believe," and "persevere" are how we deal with my MS.Living with MS can be challenging, so I hope these words inspire you as theyhave us.

    As afirefighter/paramedic and now a fire inspector living with MS, I hope this tathonors the "brotherhood" of the Fire Service and the MS fighters inus all. Remember: "It is what it is, keep pushin' on!"

  • Alicia Bowman

    Alicia Bowman

    I decided toshow my mom, Ann, support and how much I love her with this tattoo. I believethe bible verse shows just how strong my mom is with whatshe endures every day. I picked the ribbon butterfly because of itsbeauty. I put MS in the wings, with my mother’s name in the ribbon. I love mytattoo and my mom.

  • Londonne Barr

    Londonne Barr

    Although I wasdevastated by my diagnosis, I wasn't going to let it take over my life. Atattoo shop was doing breast cancer ribbons, and all proceeds were beingdonated to research. My two sons, husband, and I all decided to get MS tattoos,knowing proceeds were going to a good cause. A family that tattoos togetherstays together—they're my world.

    Life's beautiful andreminds me to "Just Breathe" each day. It reminds me that so manyhave MS with different symptoms, but we are all family.


  • Emily


    I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, after years of wonderingwhat was going on inside my body. Once I got that answer, it was bittersweet. Itried to deny everything, but realized I had to face it head on.

    I put my own spin on the traditional ribbon because Iwanted to show that MS is intertwined with me. The ribbon is tattered at theend, because that’s what happens to fabric over time, and that’s how I feelabout this disease: parts of me may slowly become tattered, but my foundationwill stay strong.

  • Kim Clark

    Kim Clark

    This is my MS guardian angeltattoo. I was diagnosed in 2011, but have had symptoms for years. I trulybelieve that I am being watched over. This angel is so I don't forget that,especially during the harder times. 

    There is a higher power atwork, and everything happens for a reason. I was not cursed with thisdisease. I was blessed to be strong enough to carry this disease.

  • Mike Metz

    Mike Metz

    We all have our own battlesin this world, and God gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors. Mywife is coming up on her one-year anniversary with multiple sclerosis and sheis my inspiration. I love you, Muv!

  • Barbara Nuss

    Barbara Nuss

    I wantedsomething that incorporated my faith with my battle with MS. My niece drew thisup for me. I like it because it looks like my faith is behind my disease (andmaybe even supporting it), and this is how I feel about it as well.

  • Nicole Price

    Nicole Price

    I wear my MS tattoo as a symbol of inspiration. Itgives me the courage that I need to get through each and every day. The angelwings that sway above my ribbon help me soar when times get tough. I canhonestly say, that these wings have given me more strength and hope than I everimagined possible.

  • Courtney Bell

    Courtney Bell

    I was diagnosed in February, 2012, when I was 27. Mytattoo is a butterfly with the MS orange ribbon as its body. I got this behindmy ear to show my support for MS, and because all my lesions are in my brain.

    I’ve participated in two MS walks so far and have raisedalmost $3,000 for the MS Society. It's been hard dealing with and accepting MS,but it's made me a stronger person. I fight MS every single day, but knowing Ihave my fellow MS warriors’ support makes it a little easier.

  • Shortysr


    My tattoo is on mywrist. It is against tattoo etiquette and purposely upside-down so that everytime I think about giving up, I just look at it and tell myself, “I CAN and WILLrise above this!” I also got the date I received those words "You have MS"tattooed on me because my brain doesn't always allow me to remember it.

  • Tina Hammer

    Tina Hammer

    This is my MStattoo for my daughter, Jade, who is 16-years-old living with MS. Every time someoneasks me about it, I tell them her story and how to help others living with MS.

  • Tabbitha Adams

    Tabbitha Adams

    My tattoo was inspired by the fact that butterflies areamazingly beautiful and soar through all the dangers in the world. I believethat I can fly high above MS, even when it hits me without warning. 

    I will continue to live and thrive making a small, but very importantstamp in this world. One day, I do believe that a cure will be found. Ihave MS, but MS does NOT have me!

  • Paul Trujillo

    Paul Trujillo

    I was diagnosed in December 2012. I was alittle shocked, because I'm only 19, but I got the tattoo because it’ssomething that I look at every day and I tell myself "You're damnright."

  • KB Jones

    KB Jones

    This MS tattoo is in honor of my 8-year-old son, Kooper.He was four when his symptoms started, and we just got a diagnosis in February,2013. When I heard the doctor say MS, I thought I was sinking. It was the mosthorrible thing I've ever heard.

    I decided to get the anchor with the MS ribbon to remindmyself daily that God will get me through this and I have to stay strong forKooper. Under the anchor, it says "I refuse to sink." That is mydaily reminder!

  • Angie Davis

    Angie Davis

    I got my MS tattoo to remind me of the strength I need inmy daily battle with multiple sclerosis. No matter what, MS will not win. And Iwill keep on fighting.

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