Reasons to Celebrate Menopause

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  • Reasons to Celebrate Menopause

    Reasons to Celebrate Menopause

    Your perspective on menopause doesn’t have to be so dismal. It’s true that menopausal symptoms can be unpleasant, but there is some light at the end of this transition.

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  • No More Periods

    No More Periods

    Just think how wonderful it will be to get rid of that monthly reminder of your womanhood. No more worries about leaking and stocking every purse, bag, and coat with an ample supply of feminine products. You won’t miss the bloating, cravings, breakouts, or cramps that accompany your menstrual cycle.

  • Say Goodbye to PMS

    Say Goodbye to PMS

    Getting off the emotional roller coaster of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) might be the best reason to celebrate menopause. An end to crying spells and the emotional ups and downs that go along with PMS will be welcomed by all! Having greater control over your emotions will leave you feeling more confident and at peace with yourself.

  • Get a Fresh Perspective

    Get a Fresh Perspective

    As you move past your childbearing years, your perspective on your body and what it means to be a woman will certainly change. Take this opportunity to reflect on what’s important to you. Spend more time caring for yourself and understanding your wants and needs in this new chapter of your life.

  • Seize the Moment

    Seize the Moment

    As you reach menopause, it’s likely that your children are now adults. With less time devoted to caregiving, you’ll have more energy to dedicate to your own needs. Strengthen relationships with your female friends, take up a new hobby, travel, or commit to lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and healthy eating.

  • More Money in Your Pocket

    More Money in Your Pocket

    Having your period is costly! All that money you used to spend on tampons, pads, birth control, and pain relievers (not to mention all those sweets you couldn’t resist) can be put towards more exciting things. Take yourself out on a date every month—treat yourself to a spa treatment, massage, nice dinner, or save up for a vacation.

  • Have Sex Without the Rubber

    Have Sex Without the Rubber

    Although your sex drive may dwindle, it will be liberating to know that you can engage in the act without the worry of getting pregnant. You and your partner can enjoy intimacy in a whole different way now.

  • Pledge Sisterhood

    Pledge Sisterhood

    It’s pretty amazing to think that you and most women your age share a common experience: you’ve hit menopause. Embrace this sense of sisterhood, and use it to build new bonds or strengthen old ones. Confide in your girlfriends for laughter, support, and tips on dealing with the side effects of menopause.

  • More Resources

    More Resources

    To learn more about menopause, including tips to ease symptoms, advice on avoiding complications, and true stories of women who have embraced their menopause, visit Healthline’s Menopause Center.

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