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  • Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    It’s the season for giving, and there’s nothing more rewarding than giving the gift of health—unless it’s giving the gift of health that the recipient also loves. This year, Healthline reviewed dozens of new and classic products and selected 14 of our favorites.

    There’s something for everyone, from kids to hard-working parents to the perfect gift for your significant other

  • For the Sleepless

    For the Sleepless

    The Sound+Sleep is not your ordinary sleep-sound machine. Instead of the typical 10-second sound clip played on a loop (which can get annoying pretty fast), the Sound+Sleep plays 30-minute-long “SoundStories”—natural recordings of things like ocean waves, waterfalls, and crackling fires. The Sound+Sleep also utilizes adaptive sound technology; when bothersome external noises get louder, the pleasant sounds coming from the machine get louder to compensate, so you sleep better.

    Retail Value: $99.95

  • For the Host or Hostess

    For the Host or Hostess

    Tea, especially green tea, has been proven to do wonders for your health. It can increase mental alertness, lower blood pressure, decrease high levels of cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk for Parkinson’s disease, and lower the risk for certain types of cancer, just to name a few. For a classy way to improve your (and your guests’) health, serve some fresh-brewed loose green or herbal tea leaves out of this stylish, durable, and easy-to-clean Bodum Kenya tea press

    Retail Value: $49.95

  • For the Workaholic

    For the Workaholic

    Give your loved one’s back a rest by giving him or her HoMedic’s Shiatsu Lumbar Massaging Cushion. It provides lumbar support for long days at the office desk and delivers heat and massage therapy to one of the areas of the body that needs it most. Unlike many mechanical massage items, this one is gentle and quiet enough that, if you close your eyes, you might believe it's human hands. 

    Retail Value: $39.99

  • For the Juice Lover

    For the Juice Lover

    Having trouble getting your daily serving of fresh fruits and veggies? Stress no longer about creative ways to fit healthy produce into your day—the Breville Juice Fountain Plus has you covered. It’s easy-to-use and lightning fast, yielding delicious fruit and vegetable juices in no time. 

    Retail Value: $149.99

  • For the Yogi

    For the Yogi

    Gaiam’s Audio Yoga Mat is a great gift idea for the yogi or yogini who already has every other yoga accessory known to man. This first-of-its-kind audio yoga mat has built-in speakers that connect to your iPod. The speakers are not bulky or heavy and offer surprisingly high sound quality. Great for doing yoga or meditating to music outdoors or on the road.

    Retail Value: $39.98

  • For the New Parent

    For the New Parent

    When you make your baby’s food at home you know it’ll be free of additives and made from the freshest ingredients available. Your baby will grow up loving the taste of real foods (instead of unhealthy processed ones), and you’ll save money making healthy food at home.

    Beaba’s Babycook makes it easier than you think. It’s a small all-in-one appliance that steam cooks veggies, fruits, and meats and then purees and blends them into the consistency that’s right for your baby. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, stylish, quick, and quiet. 

    Retail Value: $149.95

  • For the Outdoor Enthusiast

    For the Outdoor Enthusiast

    If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves hiking and camping, look no further; the Katadyn MyBottle Purifier is a lightweight and easy-to-use solution to one of the great outdoors’ biggest challenges—finding safe drinking water.

    When you’re on a three day backpacking trip, you typically have to carry three days worth of water with you. The Katadyn MyBottle lessens the weight and strain on your back by enabling you to easily purify any water you come across. The hiker or camper in your life will appreciate the lighter load. 

    Retail Value: $49.95

  • For the Germophobe

    For the Germophobe

    For germophobes—the scientific term is "mysophobe"there’s not much that's more terrifying than a toothbrush left out in the open air of a bathroom. Ease their fear with this great gift idea, a toothbrush holder that uses UV rays to sanitize your toothbrush—killing dangerous bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeasts— in just a few minutes. Both VIOlight and Steribrush make excellent portable toothbrush sanitizing cases.

    Retail Value: $15 - $30

  • For the Stressed Out

    For the Stressed Out

    Bring the spa home with a high-quality and long-lasting aromatherapy candle that includes ingredients clinically proven to relax and relieve stress and tension. Look for candles with essential oils of lavender, bergamot, chamomile, valerian, cedarwood, sandalwood, or patchouli. Try, for example, Aveda’s Shampure Soy Wax Candle, or Kobo’s Antique Lavender Candle

    Retail Value: $7.50 - $40

  • For the Master Chef

    For the Master Chef

    Whether you are watching your weight or simply trying not to ruin the soufflé, an accurate kitchen scale is an essential tool. Ozeri’s Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale has a bright and clear display and a handsome stainless steel finish and is accurate down to the gram. It’s extremely thin and will slide into any small cupboard space you can find.

    Retail Value: $25  

  • For the Fitness Freak

    For the Fitness Freak

    Did you know that health professionals recommend walking about 10,000 steps a day? That number is an even more accurate gauge of proper daily exercise than the “30 minutes a day” so commonly recommended.

    A digital pedometer is a great gift for anyone trying to increase or meet his or her activity goals. These little gadgets track the number of steps you take a day—so you can get your 10,000 steps in. Many of them, like the Ozeri 4X3 Motion Digital Pedometer, also track things like your overall distance, average speed, and calories burned.

    Retail Value: $25

  • For Children (Ages 4 and up)

    For Children (Ages 4 and up)

    Looking for entertainment that doesn’t require a plug or screen? Blocks and marble sets like this one by TEDCO Toys are sustainable, natural toys that will get your child's creative juices flowing and provide hours of entertainment.

    Kids ages 4 and up will be as engrossed in building and then sending marbles down massive wooden towers and twisting ramps as they would be watching cartoons or playing computer games

    Retail Value: $36 - $58

  • For Children (Ages 8 and up)

    For Children (Ages 8 and up)

    For the aspiring pilot in your life, balsa-wood model airplanes will yield hours of fun while sparking his or her imagination and creativity.

    Balsa-wood airplanes are all-natural and non-electronic and will get children outside searching for the best places from which to launch their creations. The Duluth Trading Company sells them in squadrons of twelve—great for flight competitions!

    Retail Value: $25

  • More Healthy Holiday Ideas

    More Healthy Holiday Ideas

    There are dozens of ways you can make this holiday season healthier.

    For example, get tips on how to eat healthier this year so you don't put on extra holidays weight.

    Read about healthy holiday activies for your family and get tips on how to reduce holiday stress.