Simple Grilling Tips

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  • Simple Grilling Tips

    Simple Grilling Tips

    The grilling season has officially arrived. Use these tips to get your barbeque cooking and the recipes at the end of the slideshow for some delicious, healthy summer eating. Because it's summer and there's never a bad excuse to bust out the grill.

  • Mise en Place

    Mise en Place

    It's a fancy French term for something simple: have everything ready. Professional chefs swear by it, and you should do the same. Before you spark the fire, gather everything you need: food, marinades, utensils, pans, plates, towels, mitts, fire extinguisher, and a cold beverage. You don't want to burn the kabobs while you stir up a cocktail.

  • Keep It Clean

    Keep It Clean

    Unless you want to be the subject of a Seinfeld-like rant on double-dipping, set aside extra sauces and plates for cooked food. Only bad things can happen when you put cooked chicken on a plate where raw chicken once sat—it could be teeming with raw bacteria. Leftover marinade should be thrown out.

  • Coat the Grill

    Coat the Grill

    Before you start the grill, coat the surface in oil to prevent sticking. Dabbing olive oil on a paper towel and then running it over the grill grate does the trick, but non-stick cooking spray is the easiest.

  • Put a Lid On It

    Put a Lid On It

    It's easy to get caught up in the fun of a barbeque, but make sure food stays covered while outdoors to prevent bugs and bacteria from getting a free meal.

  • Tongs, Not Forks

    Tongs, Not Forks

    Use tongs when grilling. Puncturing your food with a fork lets the delicious juices out.

  • Wait a Bit

    Wait a Bit

    Sugar-and tomato-based sauces burn quickly, so wait to add them until the end of the grilling process. This will keep your sauce glossy, not charred.

  • Healthy Grilling Recipes Part I

    Healthy Grilling Recipes Part I

    It’s time to get started.

    Here are five delicious and healthy recipes for you to try out on your grill this summer:

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  • Healthy Grilling Recipes Part II

    Healthy Grilling Recipes Part II

    Here are five more great grilling recipes to try out this summer: