Simple Grilling Tips

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  • Simple Grilling Tips

    Simple Grilling Tips

    Cookout season has officially arrived! And while the grill usually gets a bad rap, there are plenty of ways to make a summer cookout health-friendly.

    Use these tips ensure delicious, healthy eating all summer long.

  • Mise en Place

    Mise en Place

    Mise en place is just a fancy French term for something simple: Have everything ready. Professional chefs swear by it, and you should too. Before you spark the fire, gather everything you need including food, marinades, utensils, pans, plates, towels, mitts, and a fire extinguisher. Of course, a cold beverage never hurts either. 

  • Keep It Clean

    Keep It Clean

    Unless you want to be the subject of a Seinfeld-like rant on double-dipping, set aside extra sauces and plates for cooked food. Putting cooked chicken on a plate where raw chicken once sat is a food illness waiting to happen. That plate is probably filled with raw bacteria. Any leftover marinade should be thrown out.

  • Coat the Grill

    Coat the Grill

    Before you start the grill, coat the surface with oil to prevent sticking. Dabbing olive oil on a paper towel and then running it over the grill grate does the trick, but nonstick cooking spray is the easiest.

  • Put a Lid On It

    Put a Lid On It

    It's easy to get caught up in the fun of a barbecue, but make sure food stays covered while outdoors to keep bugs and bacteria away.

  • Tongs, Not Forks

    Tongs, Not Forks

    Use tongs when grilling. Puncturing your food with a fork lets the delicious juices out. And nobody wants a stabbed turkey dog. 

  • Wait a Bit

    Wait a Bit

    Sugar- and tomato-based sauces burn quickly, so wait to add them until the end of the grilling process. This will keep your sauce glossy, not charred.