Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

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  • No Cookies, Cakes, or Doughnuts? Oh, My!

    No Cookies, Cakes, or Doughnuts? Oh, My!

    Hearing the news that you have celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or a gluten sensitivity might plunge your mind into an obsessive review of your favorite foods that are now off limits. Bread people will undoubtedly miss pizza and the warm loaf Italian restaurants offer with dinner. Beer lovers will lament the irreplaceable effervescence of a cold one. And for those with a sweet tooth, dessert just won’t be the same.

    Or will it? We’ve chosen 18 recipes that will leave you and your family wondering what you ate for dessert before going gluten-free.

  • Blackberry Lime Buttermilk Sherbet

    Blackberry Lime Buttermilk Sherbet

    Harken back to simpler times with a quick-and-easy dessert that will have kids and grandparents alike licking their bowls. This new spin on berries and cream will be an instant favorite and may even replace ice cream in your house.

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  • Carmel Popcorn

    Carmel Popcorn

    There’s nothing like the satisfying crunch of popcorn mixed with the salty sweetness of liquid caramel. Forget the store-bought varieties. Make it fresh and save some cash—not to mention some calories.

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  • Maple-Glazed Peaches

    Maple-Glazed Peaches

    Reimagine fruit as dessert with this stress-free recipe. The flavors will be the most robust when peach season is in full swing. Pick up a bushel at your farmer’s market or grocery store and enjoy.

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  • Avocado Pudding Cups

    Avocado Pudding Cups

    Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Although avocado isn’t super-sweet like most fruits, it’s actually a member of the fruit family. The inherent creaminess of this buttery beauty lends itself nicely to a pudding dish—and certainly beats the JELL-O version you grew up with.

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  • Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana Bites

    Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana Bites

    What happens if you were to cut the middleman out of a banana split? Some would say that you’re left with the best parts. If you were the type of kid who licked the icing off the cake, bartered for extra cherries, and ate whipped cream straight from the can, this is right up your alley.

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  • Cinnamon Peach Sorbet

    Cinnamon Peach Sorbet

    Ice cream’s healthier little sister and fruit popsicles’ more natural cousin, sorbet is a guilt-free and sophisticated way to enjoy a frozen treat. To top it off, it’s easy to make and the perfect palate cleanser. Don’t worry if peaches aren’t in season: you can use the frozen kind year-round.

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  • Hazelnut Meringues

    Hazelnut Meringues

    Meringues are the perfect delicacy to serve after a dinner party. Your guests will wonder if you’ve been classically trained—but they don’t have to know how easy this recipe is. Besides the hazelnuts, you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry, which makes whipping up these babies a breeze.

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  • Grilled Calypso Pineapple

    Grilled Calypso Pineapple

    Sometimes the best desserts are the simplest. Forget s’mores this summer. Bring a pineapple to a cookout or camping trip instead and roast up some fruity goodness. 

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  • Caramelized Bananas

    Caramelized Bananas

    This modified version of Bananas Foster is a non-alcoholic treat the whole family can enjoy. The substitution of frozen yogurt for ice cream makes this to-die-for dessert that much sweeter.

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  • Cocoa Almonds

    Cocoa Almonds

    You know how good for you almonds are, and dark chocolate has been gaining health accolades lately too. What happens when you combine them? A healthy take on Hershey’s that will make you nuts for nuts and cuckoo for cocoa.

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  • Cranberry Poached Pears

    Cranberry Poached Pears

    Fruit as dessert wins again with this elegant edible. But you don’t have to wait until after dinner to indulge in these. Spruce up your morning bowl of Greek yogurt with poached pear for a decadent breakfast.

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  • Elderflower and Apple Punch

    Elderflower and Apple Punch

    Fancy a fizzy drink after dinner? This refresher is the perfect punch to serve to withered guests on a hot night.

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  • Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cranberry Meringues

    Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cranberry Meringues

    These golden nuggets boast three flavors that are sure to please. Great to make for a special occasion like a baby or bridal shower, meringues are beautiful morsels that the gluten-free and non-gluten-free will enjoy equally.

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  • Nutty Baked Bananas

    Nutty Baked Bananas

    This is a great way to use up that spotty bunch of bananas before it spoils. A nice complement to flavors found in Asian cuisine, this dessert would be a tasty encore to a spicy curry or stir-fry dish.

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  • Summer Fruit Gazpacho

    Summer Fruit Gazpacho

    Gazpacho is typically an uncooked tomato-based soup that’s served cold. This recipe puts a spin on your standard fruit salad and will give gazpacho lovers a new appreciation for fruit. Slurp up the nutrition of your favorite fruits in this summer-inspired happy ending to a meal.

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  • Peach and Mango Smoothie

    Peach and Mango Smoothie

    Fruit smoothies aren’t just convenient breakfasts-on-the-go. They also provide a fiber-packed, hit-the-spot touch of sweetness after a heavy meal.  

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  • Chipotle Peanut Brittle

    Chipotle Peanut Brittle

    If you think peanuts go best with jelly, you haven’t tried peanuts and chipotle. This spicy twist on your grandmother’s brittle will satisfy your sweet (and spicy!) tooth. Make a batch to share—or store in your refrigerator to keep a sweet treat on hand.

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  • Spiced Banana Pudding

    Spiced Banana Pudding

    When life gives you bananas, make banana pudding! This easy recipe requires very little work for a lot of post-dinner enjoyment.

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