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Dear Crohn’s…

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  • You Have Crohn’s, But It Doesn’t Have You

    You Have Crohn’s, But It Doesn’t Have You

    Having a chronic condition can be difficult—both physically and emotionally. We asked you to write a break up letter to Crohn’s disease and take back control of your life.

    Pledge to make the changes needed to manage Crohn’s and live your life beyond the bathroom walls. Here are excerpts from your top five responses.

  • Crohn’s Gives You Perspective

    Crohn’s Gives You Perspective

    While I hope to leave you behind and never see you again, I have also come to love you for all that you have taught me. There are secrets in this world—about life, about love, and living and magic—so much going on under our noses that’s only visible through lenses of deep suffering.

    In the time we have spent together, you have taken so much from me, but you have given me eyes to see what others cannot, a heart to love what others would not.

    --Carolyn Chlebowski

    Read the full version of Carolyn's winning entry here.

  • Crohn’s Makes You Compassionate

    Crohn’s Makes You Compassionate

    We don’t expect sympathy.
    We don’t expect pity.
    We don’t expect you to understand how this impacts our social lives.
    We don’t expect you to see our tears of pain, dread and humiliation when nature keeps calling and won’t shut up!
    And we definitely don’t need to be told, “But, you don’t look sick!”

    To my fellow “inmates” who share the same type of jail, I can’t promise that it will get better.  But, I can promise that I and countless others are here to support you with two simple words: “WE UNDERSTAND.”

    --Daphne Mahotiere

  • Crohn’s Gives You Strength

    Crohn’s Gives You Strength

    You have NOT broken me. You do NOT define me. I will continue to rise as long as I have breath in my body and my children need me. I endure the medications, the pain, the sticks, the procedures, the two-hour drives one way to my specialists because I know I will beat you. 

    You do NOT have the control. This is still my body and I refuse to let you bring me down.

    --Dylana Rowe

  • Crohn’s Makes You Tough

    Crohn’s Makes You Tough

    The road I have traveled has been tough, but I am a fighter and a survivor. You will not get the pleasure of taking me. I fight back. I fight hard. I win.

    It is time for you to run. This is where we part ways and I take my life back.

    -- Shona Germino

  • Crohn’s Empowers You

    Crohn’s Empowers You

    It's always the same thing with you. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Let's just start over. Take this medicine, and I'll change. I'll be good to you this time, treat you right, the way you deserve, baby. I swear." I realized this is abuse! You and I are in an abusive relationship, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

    If you're reading this letter, it means the police are currently escorting you out of my apartment. All I had to do was tell the court how many times you put me in the hospital and that was it. Everyone was convinced you need to go. Goodbye, Crohns. Go find some other victim, because this one is starting a new life, and it’s going to be a great one without you.


  • Write Your Own Story

    Write Your Own Story

    Just as these people have written a break-up letter with Crohn’s disease, you too can take control. While you can't leave behind Crohn’s like that last no-good so-and-so you dated, you can write yourself a promise to stay up on your treatments and live your life as you see fit. Fight back and write your own story.