Famous Faces of Lupus

  • Celebrities with Lupus

    Lupus is a rare, chronicautoimmune disorder. It can affect the skin, joints, kidneys, and other organs.Symptoms vary from person to person, but lupus attacks healthy cells, oftencausing scarring, joint pain, swelling, hair loss, and mouth sores. Forcelebrities perpetually under public scrutiny, this can be a hard burden tobear.

  • Seal

    Seal suffered from a childhoodbattle with discoid lupus, a chronic condition leaving him with facial scarsand hair loss. This type of lupus affects the skin and can manifest anywhere onthe body, causing sun sensitivity and scarring.

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  • Michael Jackson

    Although never officiallyproven, much evidence exists supporting the claim that Michael suffered fromlupus. Lupus might explain his avoidance of the sun, his rumored drug use, andsome of his erratic behavior. Lupus sufferers often die in their 40s and 50sfrom sudden heart attacks.

  • Flannery O’Connor

    Flannery O’Connor, animportant American novelist, short-story writer, and essayist, was diagnosedwith disseminated lupus at the age of 26. Her father, too, was tormented by thehereditary disease, and died when Flannery was only 15. Despite her suffering,she still completed over two-dozen short stories and two novels. She died atthe age of 39 of complications from the disease. 

  • Toni Braxton

    Toni Braxton, an R&Bsinger, revealed that she is battling lupus while raising awareness of thedisease at the 8th Annual Lupus LA Bag Ladies Luncheon. She sharedher news while accepting an award for Women in Achievement. She also performedat the Orange Ball, a benefit to raise funds and awareness for lupus. 

  • Ray Walston

    After a six-year battle withlupus, the stage, television, and movie actor died in 2001 at age 87. His more notable roles include Uncle Martin from My Favorite Martin and Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He continued to act throughout hisillness until his death.  

  • J. Dilla

    The hip-hop producer andrapper who worked with A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rymes, and Common, died at32 from Lupus complications. His illness and medications caused a dramaticweight loss, forcing him to publicly confirm suspicions about his ailinghealth.

  • Teddi King

    The American jazz and popvocalist, Teddi King, opened the Playboy Club in the 1960s, where she oftenperformed. Despite developing lupus, she managed to make a comeback in hercareer, but, sadly, died from the effects of the disease in 1977.

  • Lady Gaga

    The famous pop singer does notactively suffer from the disease, but announced on Larry King that she tested borderlinepositive for lupus. Lupus is a genetic disease and prevalent in Lady Gaga’sfamily. She experiences occasional heart palpitations and must take good careof herself in order to avoid developing the disorder. Unfortunately, Lady Gagadoesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle, admitting to the occasional cigaretteand alcohol consumption.

  • More Information

    Lupus is a very serious kidney disorder that, as these notable figures haveproven, can have a profound impact on a person’s life.  Explore the kidney to see how this disorderdevelops.  Read about causes, symptoms, and treatments for this detrimentaldisorder. 

    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lupus, take control of your treatment, and realize that you arenot alone.

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