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The 20 Best Weight Loss Blogs of 2013

  • 20 Best Weight Loss Blogs of 2013

    Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. In fact, it is often an uphill battle for most people. However, these bloggers are living proof that achieving a weight loss goal is possible with dedication and support.

    Cheer them on to their own weight loss goals and set a few of your own. Finding motivation is easy after reading these blogs.

  • Can You Stay for Dinner?

    Can You Stay for Dinner? That’s what cook, blogger, and upcoming author Andie Mitchell wants to know. Having fought and won her battle with obesity, Andie shares her love of cooking, baking, and wellness on her stylish and unique blog.

    She offers recipes, tips for achieving and maintaining significant weight loss, and invites readers to ponder the important meaning of food and nutrition in our everyday, busy lives. Andie believes that you don’t have to sacrifice delicious-tasting food to lose weight!

  • Blogging Runner

    Emily is a Blogging Runner who didn’t used to blog or run. Like most people, life got hectic and before she knew it, she became inactive and 50 pounds overweight. When she decided to get in shape in 2011, she figured documenting it would keep her on track.

    Even with injuries and the constant craziness of everyday life, Emily never backs out on her commitment to fitness. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get fit, check out this award winning blog!

  • Weight Loss Success Stories

    Do you struggle with weight loss and think losing weight is impossible? Weight Loss Success Stories shows that weight loss is possible for anyone with motivation, determination, and inspiration.

    Conceived by blogger Isadora during her post-pregnancy weight loss endeavor, this blog highlights inspirational weight loss stories of both celebrities and ordinary people.
    For once, weight loss stories aren’t confined to television ads for diets. Instead, real people cover the pages of this fabulous tribute to a rising number of successful “losers.”

    Stop by for inspiration and a regular reminder that people committed to beginning and maintaining healthy lifestyles can beat obesity, pound by pound.

  • Authentically Emmie

    Emily Sandford is a 32-year-old blogger on a mission. She’s determined to document the good, bad, and the ugly of her weight loss journey in Authentically Emmie. And she’s committed to reaching her goal in style, with daily dedication to fitness, healthy eating, and fashion.

    Health is not a number on the scale for Emmie, but a state of physical and mental wellbeing. Bubbly, passionate, and highly motivational, this inspiring blogging diva is as talented as she is involved, promoting wellness locally and on the web. She is no-nonsense and one easy blogger to love.

  • Just Roni

    Roni (Veronica) Noone is a serious champion. She’s a mother, blogger, and woman who has been battling body image issues for years. She’s also achieved a steady weight and healthy lifestyle—and has the graphs and photos to prove it on Just Roni.

    Roni keeps herself accountable while encouraging others to fight for a healthier life and a slimmer waistline. Full of insights into weight loss and fitness, this blog catalogs Roni’s personal weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey.

  • It Sux to Be Fat

    It Sux to Be Fat,” says blogger and teacher Jennifer, who has lost over 100 pounds since 2009. From recipes to reviews and weekly weigh-ins, Jennifer is committed to motivating and inspiring people to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through her blog.

    With tips on goal setting and a focus on making small changes over a long period of time, this blog traces all the challenges and rewards that come with a weight loss plan. It might suck to be fat, but you’re in good company along the way with Jennifer.

  • Cranky Fitness

    Cranky Fitness is a no-nonsense blog dedicated to those who don’t think sweating and starving are fun. Started by Crabby McSlacker in 2007 and featuring other bloggers, this blog is under no illusions that everyone is destined for a size 2, or utterly enthused about hauling their bums off the couch.

    Instead, they offer real-life spunk and matter-of-fact advice for committing to fitness from a realistic point of view. They believe that even the crankiest among us can achieve a relatively peaceful relationship with fitness—after a fair amount of kicking, screaming, and cupcake eating.

  • Brooklyn Fit Chick

    The Brooklyn Fit Chick has a well-rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle: cycling, a love for food, and a penchant for fabulous television shows. Her energized blog keeps things interesting and upbeat for weight loss candidates trying to stay informed about the best magazine articles, workout videos, and weight loss techniques.

    As a personal trainer dedicated to fitness and nutrition, this blogger really knows her stuff! If you want to understand the trends or be educated on fitness, this fit chick is sure to satisfy.

  • Yum Yucky

    Let’s face it: no one wants weight loss to be miserable, icky, and painful. That’s why Josie patched together her own plan to lose weight and still feel great. Yum Yucky is the blog that makes weight loss doable for real moms with devotion to things like cake, kids, and procrastination. Here, she offers info and advice about the tips that truly worked for her—even after having four kids.

    Follow along with Josie’s home workout strategies and learn about “greedy” eating. Try a few recipes, snap your “before” picture, and learn about the tasty food you should be eating. Soon you’ll be celebrating with her, not just for her!

  • Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

    The Rebecca Regnier and Robin Correll are two nutrition divas who want to know one thing: Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? Their humorous approach to sustainable weight loss and healthy eating makes this blog a joy to read for anyone looking for ways to support their diet.

    They know that different strategies work for different people, and they’re not interested in pushing a particular diet plan or weight loss agenda. Instead, they encourage readers to use social media (“Your Twitter Diet”) to get support for weight loss goals. 

  • Run Eat Repeat

    Monica’s prior life consisted of fighting food. But disordered eating habits and an obsessive string of bad diets taught her an important lesson: eating well and exercising right are healthy approaches to food and fitness.

    Now in a healthy cycle of Run Eat Repeat, Monica shares her story of struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with food and physical activity. Her blog is a wonderful documentary of her efforts to balance her love for eating while still training for marathons.

  • Losing Weight in the City

    Losing Weight in the City can seem like a tremendous challenge. When inviting outdoor spaces seem undiscoverable and free time feels like a distant dream, committing to a weight loss journey can seem futile. But Theodora is here to tell you how she faced these challenges and lost 50 pounds without giving up her busy lifestyle in the city.

    Theodora knows that eating take-out and skipping workouts can be major roadblocks to weight loss. She offers her tips to make it clear that it can be achieved no matter the obstacles. Stop by and read what this three-time marathoner has to say!

  • No Thanks to Cake

    Kelly is making a serious commitment to weight loss by just saying No Thanks to Cake. Well, that and a few days of exercise each week, a collection of healthy recipes, and a new attitude about wellness. She is currently working her way down from 256 pounds, and documenting her progress along the way.

    Coming from the South, Kelly knows the appeal of fried foods, pudding, and the temptation to eat emotionally. But she’s made a new life for herself and has the blog (and the 82-pound weight loss) to prove it.

    Join Kelly in her healthy living efforts. You won’t be sorry—but you might be lighter!

  • The Sassy Pear

    Jill is on a journey to slowly but surely make a new, healthy life for herself. Committed to weight loss, healthy eating, and finding the things in life that make her happy, this mother created The Sassy Pear. Jill knows that even when the focus is weight loss, life intervenes with a whole lot more to think about.

    That’s why her blog is so much more than just tracking the number on the scale. It’s about finding a purposeful, permanent approach to living a healthy life. That’s the type of weight loss and fitness goal that everyone can appreciate.

  • Runs for Cookies

    Slim Katie knows what it is to love, love, love cookies (and all other sweet things). Despite this apparent weight loss handicap, she has succeeded in losing 125 pounds and maintaining her new weight through a balanced approach to diet and exercise.

    Kate’s success is perhaps due as much to her realistic approach to keeping the sweet things in life as it is due to her hard work and dedication. Follow her weight loss story and learn how she keeps it off—despite her dessert addiction—in Runs for Cookies

  • Prior Fat Girl

    Jennifer Emmert knows how it feels to be a Prior Fat Girl. Previously 240 pounds, this weight loss inspiration found it within herself to stop giving into excuses and to take control of her life and her health. Now Jennifer takes pride in the fact that she quite literally worked her butt off.

    Even better, Jennifer wants her readers to become prior fat girls too. And she’s ready and rarin’ to show them how to do it. Learn how she overcame emotional trauma and a lifetime of unhealthy habits to commit to a healthy, wholesome way of life. 

  • Diary of an Aspiring Loser

    Michelle has a lot of experience with the ups and downs of weight loss, and she catalogs her fight to keep the weight off and maintain her weight loss in her blog, Diary of an Aspiring Loser.

    As someone who has struggled with obesity her whole life, Michelle has lost over 75 pounds several times and writes honestly and humorously about what it means to stay on track.

    An avid runner, mother, and wife, Michelle knows it isn’t always easy to balance life with fitness. But she’ll let you know how worth it the results are. This blog is for you if you need tips on surviving a slump, workout ideas, or inspiration to keep going. 

  • Fitnessista

    Do you like food, fashion, and fitness? If so, Fitnessista is for you. Authored by military wife and mom Gina, this blog is all about simple, effective workouts and healthy eating. Gina is also a fitness instructor and knows how hectic life can get, so you won’t want to miss her workout quickies. 

    Whether you’re looking for delicious and nutritious meals, or simply need to add something new to your workout, this blog is a must read.

  • Fit Sugar

    Want to add a little sweetness to your daily workout? Come check out Fit Sugar, a comprehensive blog dedicated to delivering the trendiest workouts and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

    With recipes that can satisfy carnivores, vegans, and gluten-free consumers, this blog is one-stop shop for ideas on making delicious and healthy fare. But that’s not all this site offers. Fitness videos, the latest scoop on celebrity workouts, and dieting tips abound.

    Come check it out! You won’t believe how sweet it is.

  • A Healthy Commitment

    Follow these committed bloggers on their journeys to weight loss and better health. Join the fabulous online community of people trying to find happiness and wellness through a better lifestyle and a healthier weight. You can do it too—and write about it to inspire others to do the same.

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