Best Anti-Smoking Videos of 2013

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  • Best Anti-Smoking Videos of 2013

    Best Anti-Smoking Videos of 2013

    Everyone should understand the devastating effects caused by smoking. However, in spite of what we know about the dangers of cigarette smoking, many of us are still doing it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 19 percent of adults, or close to 44 million people, in the U.S. alone smoke regularly. It is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the country.

    With these facts in mind, take a look at these powerful, engaging, and creative videos that will either inspire you to never pick up the habit, or to start the quitting process today.

  • Tips from Former Smokers: Terrie

    Tips from Former Smokers: Terrie

    Few public service announcements communicate the dangerous consequences of smoking better than those from the CDC’s Tips from Former Smokers campaign. Highlighting the true stories of smokers and their health problems, these videos are startlingly real and designed to shock.

    In this video, Terrie tells of her battle with oral and throat cancer. The consequences of her cigarette smoking are painfully obvious in the clip and send a clear message about the realities of being a smoker.

  • Kids Ask for a Light

    Kids Ask for a Light

    In this clever and powerful anti-smoking advertisement from Thailand, children approach smoking adults on the street to ask for a light. The young boy and girl give the adult smokers pause and lead them to list all the reasons the children should not be smoking.

    The thoughtful video reminds adults that, although the idea of children smoking is shocking and upsetting, the same should be true for anyone of any age and that no one should be lighting up.

  • Quitting Smoking Timeline

    Quitting Smoking Timeline

    Most anti-smoking campaigns take a negative approach, listing and showing all the terrible effects of smoking. Sure, these scare tactics are formidable, but this video from seeks to inspire smokers to quit by sending a more positive message.

    Using a simple timeline and straightforward facts, the animation lays out all the ways in which your body begins to restore itself after quitting, even just minutes after a last puff on a cigarette. The information in this short video should give any smoker the motivation and encouragement needed to start the process of quitting now.

  • The Single Best Thing You Can Do

    The Single Best Thing You Can Do

    Dr. Mike Evans, a physician and associate professor of public health, wrote and narrated this animation about quitting smoking. He outlines the stages of quitting and describes the process in the most realistic of terms.

    Alongside compelling drawings that will keep you watching until the end, Dr. Evans talks about the practicalities of smoking, why people do it, why they resist the urge to quit, and how to actually give up those cigarettes. Keep watching to find out what the single best thing is that you can do to quit.

  • President Obama Quits Smoking

    President Obama Quits Smoking

    If you haven’t seen this quick private moment of the president caught on camera, take a few seconds to watch it. We all knew that our president was a smoker and that he entered the White House struggling to give up the habit. In this quick and amusing clip, you get to hear the real reason he was able to quit smoking and avoid relapsing. It is one that many of us can relate to.

  • British Anti-Smoking PSA

    British Anti-Smoking PSA

    The best anti-smoking public service announcements are often simple, quick, and to the point. According to this ad from the UK, every 15 cigarettes smoked causes at least one mutation in the body. Mutations lead to cancer, and in this video we are given a visual and graphic reminder of that potential outcome of smoking.

  • Anti Smoking

    Anti Smoking

    Yet another anti-smoking video from the UK, this one requires no speaking to get its message across. A pretty young woman takes several puffs on a cigarette. With each inhale she visibly ages more and more, and returns to youthfulness on the exhale. As the video informs us at the end, smoking ages you by 19 years.

  • 5 Weird Reasons Not to Smoke

    5 Weird Reasons Not to Smoke

    As the title suggests, this fun and quirky video will give you five reasons not to start smoking, or to quit smoking, that you probably didn’t know about already. The SciShow video knows that you know all the main reasons not to smoke, like lung cancer and emphysema, and so it lays out some unusual ones. For instance, did you know that smokers are more likely to lose their hearing? Or that secondhand smoke is harmful to your pets?

  • Tips from Former Smokers: Nathan

    Tips from Former Smokers: Nathan

    If all of the messages about how smoking harms your own health are not inspiring enough to make you quit, this quick video clip from the CDC’s Tips from Former Smokers campaign gives you another perspective.

    Nathan shares his story about working in a smoke-filled environment and the impact it has had on his health. Struggling now with asthma and lung damage, Nathan never smoked a day in his life.

  • Start Your Smoke-Free Life Today

    Start Your Smoke-Free Life Today

    There are so many good reasons to never pick up a cigarette, to quit smoking, and to encourage young people to avoid smoking. The sad fact is, however, that many of us do it anyway. If you are a smoker, or you are worried about a loved one’s habit, take a look at these powerful videos and take inspiration from them.