11 Best Diabetes Videos of 2013

11 Best Diabetes Videos of 2013

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  • Living With Diabetes

    Living With Diabetes

    Diabetes is a scary diagnosis. It’s a chronic disease, something you will treat and deal with your entire life, which can be overwhelming, even disheartening.

    But it doesn’t have to be. This collection of videos tells the many different realities people with diabetes face—from experiencing symptoms to diagnosis, victories to healing. Living with diabetes is about living, not about suffering. These clips offer truthful glimpses into what that means and how you can turn your journey with diabetes into something positive, too.

  • Living with Diabetes - a Mum and Son's Story

    Living with Diabetes - a Mum and Son's Story

    Kids are supposed to be worried about scraped knees, busted lips, or broken bones from sports and games, not blood sugar levels, insulin injections, and carbohydrate counts. This video introduces us to Cole, a 10-year-old who is just like every other kid his age—except Cole is a Type 1 diabetic.

    Cole’s mom, Katharine, gives a step-by-step tour of what she does to help Cole stay well. That includes weighing food and calculating the grams of carbohydrates for each of his meals so he can take the proper insulin dose. Living with diabetes is about support from your friends and family, and this video illustrates why it’s so important.

  • Nick Jonas and Larry King: Living with Diabetes

    Nick Jonas and Larry King: Living with Diabetes

    Nick Jonas is the youngest member of his family’s pop band, the Jonas Brothers. He is also a type 1 diabetic. Eight years ago, at age 13, the musician wasn’t feeling well. He had lost a lot of weight and was unusually moody. When doctors checked his blood sugar, it was almost 800. Nick was dangerously close to a diabetic coma.

    In this clip, television host Larry King interviews Nick about life with diabetes. Nick shares what a typical day is like and how he stays well. Most importantly, Nick wants other young diabetics to know that the disease should not be an embarrassment or source of shame.

  • Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

    Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

    Clinical researcher and author Neal Barnard, MD thinks we may be looking at the diabetic diet all wrong. So much of diabetes education is learning what you can’t eat. Maybe that’s not the best approach.

    In this clip from his TEDx Talk, Barnard explains how human bodies are designed to eat—we’re meant for plants, not meat—and why plants are so good for our bodies. He hypothesizes that changing a patient’s food focus and emphasizing the good in fruits and vegetables may help them live healthier lives. It might eventually reduce the staggering increase in cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes America is seeing today.

  • 11 year-old Irish Step Dancer - with Type 1 Diabetes

    11 year-old Irish Step Dancer - with Type 1 Diabetes

    For teenage and adolescent diabetics, one of the biggest struggles is learning to care for yourself. Unlike your peers, you have to check your blood sugar, monitor carbs, and inject glucose. An 11-year-old girl named Alyssa Rothman shares how this can be empowering, not isolating.

    This video is a demonstration in the importance of having an entire family help a child attend to their disease—and how they can take charge of their future in the process.

  • 10 Things I like About Type 1 Diabetes!

    10 Things I like About Type 1 Diabetes!

    The negatives are well known: shots and pricks, highs and lows, symptoms and signs. The positives aren’t touted as much. DiabeticDanica, a young woman who shares stories about her life with type 1 diabetes on her YouTube channel, has 10 reasons why she actually likes having diabetes.

    Danica sees the positive in the work she has to do to care for herself. She also sees some of the tasty benefits: juicy drinks and candy before bed, for example. This video is for the newly diagnosed and the diabetic veteran alike. It helps you put your day-to-day struggles into perspective and may put a smile on your face in the process.

  • I am a Better Person Because of Type 1 Diabetes

    I am a Better Person Because of Type 1 Diabetes

    If diabetes had a life coach, Bill from 1HappyDiabetic.com might be it. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and his never-say-no attitude could inspire any diabetic to learn to look on the bright side.

    Bill takes a proactive approach to diabetes: You don’t have to resign yourself to being sick. You can be healthy and live a fulfilling life. Today is the day you can decide to begin that life. Watch this video if you need a shot of motivation to get up and get going.

  • Living With Diabetes (Documentary)

    Living With Diabetes (Documentary)

    If you happened to stumble upon Natasha Tang’s YouTube account, you might believe she is an average high school student. Her videos are mostly cheerleading competitions and fun with friends, but there’s one that sticks out: “Living with Diabetes.”

    In this video, Natasha interviews peers and teachers and asks them to share what they know about the disease. Natasha’s mother, Sue, talks about the terrifying night her daughter was diagnosed. It’s a sincere look at how little many teenagers know, how serious diabetes is, and how important family support is at helping a child learn to handle the disease.

  • Dumb Things People Say to Diabetics

    Dumb Things People Say to Diabetics

    In a humorous, slightly sarcastic video, make-up artist Alexys Fleming answers all the questions she says diabetics are tired of hearing. As a young type 1 diabetic (she was diagnosed when she was 13), Alexys faced a lot of questions from her peers. This video can help children—adults, too—learn to answer those same questions if they’re ever asked.

    The video is also a nice laugh if you are tired of hearing the same questions and statements over and over again. Alexys knows how annoying that can be. That’s why she made this clip.

  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes: Krisha | Type 1 Diabetes | Spoonful

    Living with Type 1 Diabetes: Krisha | Type 1 Diabetes | Spoonful

    Adolescents and teenagers with diabetes grow up to be adults with diabetes. They aim to hit the same milestones in life: college, marriage, and kids. They just do it with an insulin pump and blood glucose monitors in hand.

    In this video, Krisha, mother of three kids, shares her journey after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 16. She shares the worries she had for her mother, and her mother, Cyndy, shares the concerns she had for her daughter. It’s an honest, intimate look at the relationship between these two women and how they got through the diagnosis together.

  • Living with Type 2 Diabetes A Teen’s Journey

    Living with Type 2 Diabetes A Teen’s Journey

    Carlos loves video games, and he likes soda and junk food. Like most teenagers, he’d be happy sitting at home all day, playing games, and downing sweets. That all stopped when Carlos was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 14. Most people think type 2 Diabetes is for adults only. However, we’re beginning to see more and more younger children with the disease. Carlos puts a young face on a very serious disease.

    This video is a great watch for teenagers or young adults who’ve recently been diagnosed. Illustrations and cartoons help explain what diabetes does to the body in easy-to-understand terms. The video also stresses why it’s so important to take care of yourself, get off the couch, and get moving.

  • Mike Maldonado uses exercise to fight Diabetes and Cancer

    Mike Maldonado uses exercise to fight Diabetes and Cancer

    His story seems improbable: At age four, Mike was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At 13, he was in a diabetic coma for three months. At 16, after taking care of himself well, exercising, and gaining substantial muscle mass, Mike was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was told he’d live two, maybe three years.

    Not only did he beat it, he’s stronger than ever, and he thanks physical fitness and exercise for getting him where he is. Inspiring and touching, Mike’s story helps you see that if he can overcome his hurdles, you can overcome yours.

  • Worth Watching

    Worth Watching

    Day-to-day living with diabetes can be tough, but there are many people who can relate to how you feel. These people have taken to YouTube and various forms of social media to share their struggles and their victories, inspire others, and help diabetics like them find encouragement.

    These videos are a broad collection of all these things. Some are purely motivational. Some are serious, even educational. They’re all worth a watch if you or someone you know is dealing with diabetes and needs a friendly face to help them get through the journey.