10 Best Breast Cancer Awareness Videos

10 Best Breast Cancer Awareness Videos of 2013

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  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web

    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women each year in the United States. Most of us know someone who has been affected by this disease, and awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment is constantly growing.

    Campaigns and fundraising efforts for breast cancer have become more common, but there are still improvements to be made in equalizing care and getting all women access to early screening. Bringing awareness to the disease can help women achieve early screening, as well as advance the development of a cure.

  • Self-Check Breast Examination

    Self-Check Breast Examination

    Self-examinations for breast cancer are your first line of defense when it comes to detecting the disease early. Doctors recommend that you perform a self-exam every month, and that you make an appointment if you find anything unusual or notice any changes.

    This short, informative video from MyDubai MyCity gives you step-by-step instructions on how to give yourself a quick but thorough breast exam. Every woman, regardless of risk factors, should make a habit of doing it regularly.

  • Brittany Davis’ Cancer Story

    Brittany Davis’ Cancer Story

    Brittany Davis’ Cancer Story is an inspiring story of a young girl who beat breast cancer and now helps other women and girls going through the same struggles. As a teenager going through chemotherapy, losing her hair was a particularly devastating side effect for Brittany.

    Now that she is cancer-free, Brittany grows her hair long and donates her locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Hair donations go toward making wigs for women who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy. Brittany puts out the call to women everywhere to make this special donation.

  • Seven Lakes Lip Dub

    Seven Lakes Lip Dub

    With the tag-line “Just Beat It!” for their breast cancer awareness campaign, the kids and staff of Seven Lakes Junior High used the Michael Jackson song “Beat It” for a fun lip dub PSA.

    The whole school got decked out in pink for the video. As the camera moves around the school, we see students with pictures of breast cancer survivors, handmade signs with facts and messages of support, and lots of enthusiastic kids helping raise awareness. This inspiring video is a must-see!

  • Boobies


    The title sort of says it all. This amusing and lighthearted video pays tribute to… you guessed it: boobs. The song and animations from Nice Peter are clever and humorous, but also relay a serious message about the disease that kills so many women.

    By using humor, but also a touching sensitivity and personal experience, this video pays tribute to the women who have struggled with breast cancer and helps bring awareness to the cause and the importance of early detection.

  • Young Breast Cancer Survivors

    Young Breast Cancer Survivors

    According to this touching video from the Keep A Breast Foundation, one in 233 cases of breast cancer occur in women younger than the age of 39. Young women tell their stories here and bring awareness to the reality that breast cancer is not just for older women.

    As young as 21, these women have conquered breast cancer and are now spreading the word about the need for awareness and early detection to save lives. With a small donation, you can help the organization continue to educate everyone.

  • Rethink Breast Cancer

    Rethink Breast Cancer

    Sometimes laughter, and a hot guy, is the best medicine, or in this case the best prevention. Rethink Breast Cancer uses humor and well-built young men to remind women about the importance of doing breast self-exams.

    While a man demonstrates proper self-exam techniques on himself, for your benefit, he also explains the Your Man Reminder app. Let a hot guy of your choice send you reminders to do those exams. You can download it for free.

  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

    For a quick dose of inspiration and a kick of motivation, check out this short video from the American Cancer Society. The Making Strides events occur all around the country and help to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research.

    Here you will see the camera follow those participating in an event and learn why they do what they do. From supporting family members who are fighting the disease, to honoring women who lost the battle, these people are inspired to walk and to help.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October each year, Keri Glassman and Livestrong Woman, have a short but important message. This reminder about breast cancer and early detection is simple and to the point.

    It tells us that one in eight women will get breast cancer, which means that we will all be affected in some way by the disease. Ms. Glassman wants us to remember to do our self-exams and to get to the doctor for regular check-ups.

  • Tig Notaro

    Tig Notaro

    In an interview with Conan O’Brien, comedian Tig Notaro opens up about her battle with breast cancer, all while coping with other life struggles. With humor and grace, Notaro details her battle with a life-threatening infection, her mother’s unexpected death, a terrible break-up, and then her breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy.

    She coped with all of these tragic occurrences in the space of just four months. Using her fame, and her talent for making people laugh, Notaro is bringing awareness to the important issue of breast cancer and survival.

  • Tattoo Artist Bringing Hope

    Tattoo Artist Bringing Hope

    For women who undergo a mastectomy, the surgery is necessary but can also be devastating. Losing one or both breasts can rob a woman of her sense of femininity, but reconstructive surgery has been able to give much of it back to cancer survivors.

    What has long been missing from reconstructed breasts, though, is the nipple. In this HLN video, meet tattoo artist Vinnie Myers. He is using his talents to create lifelike tattoos of nipples for women who have had reconstructive surgery, and giving them back a feeling of completeness.

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    For hope, inspiration, education, and even a good laugh, watch these fantastic videos about breast cancer awareness. Giving viewers a fresh perspective on an issue that is tragic, but important, these awareness videos are sometimes fun and lighthearted, and also serious and unique. It is never easy to create an attention-grabbing message about something as serious as breast cancer, but these clips do just that.


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