Best Bipolar Videos of 2013

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  • An Insight Into Bipolar

    An Insight Into Bipolar

    Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disease, affects nearly four percent of Americans at some point in their lives, according to the NIMH. Whether you’ve struggled with bipolar disorder yourself, or you’ve watched a loved one go through it, these poignant and informative videos will open your eyes to the devastating effects that this condition can have on people’s lives.

    Through the stories of celebrities and everyday Americans, you’ll learn the struggles of living through the dramatic highs and depressive lows of bipolar disorder. From their words, you’ll see how it’s possible to cope—and even thrive—with this mental health condition.

  • Understanding Bipolar Disorder

    Understanding Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar disorder doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone—even celebrities. In this HLN segment, Dr. Drew gives viewers insight into bipolar disorder and its symptoms by interviewing Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke about her lifelong struggle with the condition.

    Duke reveals how she hid her disorder from the public for years, until bipolar disorder began leading her into upsetting, and often frightening situations. She also shares how she finally sought help and began to gain control over her condition.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones on Bipolar

    Catherine Zeta-Jones on Bipolar

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. The Oscar-winning actress has starred in dozens of blockbuster films, including Chicago and America’s Sweethearts. But behind the scenes, she has struggled for years with bipolar disorder. Only recently did she reluctantly come forward to talk about her condition.

    In this clip from ABC, Zeta-Jones explains why she never wanted to become the public face of bipolar disorder. Once her condition was revealed, she describes how she used the publicity to prove that no one—regardless of their wealth and fame—is immune to mental health issues.

  • Bipolar Disorder (Understanding Disease: Psychiatry)

    Bipolar Disorder (Understanding Disease: Psychiatry)

    This educational video uses computer animations and graphics to explain bipolar disorder, and its effects on mood. It also gives an overview of the symptoms and other criteria doctors use to diagnose the condition. Illustrations of the brain highlight the chemical changes that occur during the ups and downs of bipolar.

  • Living with Bipolar Disorder

    Living with Bipolar Disorder

    Many people with bipolar disorder live in the shadows, afraid to reveal their condition even to family and friends. In this video, Lauren, a young woman with bipolar disorder, bravely opens up about her life with the condition.

    Lauren talks candidly about her wild mood swings, going into great detail about how she shifts from manic episodes in which she feels like she can conquer the world, to dark bouts of depression that have driven her to contemplate suicide. She also describes the frequent self-harm episodes that have repeatedly put her in the hospital. Lauren also shares how profoundly bipolar disorder has impacted her career.

  • Demi Lovato Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder

    Demi Lovato Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder

    Teen queen Demi Lovato has been in front of the camera since she was barely out of diapers. The actress-singer has topped the charts with hits like “Give Your Heart a Break” and “Heart Attack,” and gained a huge following of teenage fans in the process. But behind the lights and curtains, Lovato has struggled with bipolar disorder.

    In this clip, she opens up to Good Morning America about her diagnosis. Lovato reveals why she came forward about her condition, and how she hopes her revelation will help others with bipolar disorder.

  • What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar Defined by a Bipolar Person

    What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar Defined by a Bipolar Person

    Who better to describe bipolar disorder than someone who is living day-to-day with the condition? In this video, a woman who has had bipolar for much of her life explains the biological reasons for the disorder. Her goal is to help people with the condition understand that they’re not crazy—that they have a real medical condition that can be treated.

    The narrator defines bipolar disorder, and goes on to describe what the condition has meant to her, and to the many other people whose daily lives have been reshaped by this disorder.

  • The Chemical Imbalance, Genetics & Biology of Bipolar Disorder: Myths of Psychiatry

    The Chemical Imbalance, Genetics & Biology of Bipolar Disorder: Myths of Psychiatry

    Author and bipolar sufferer Sean Blackwell created this thought-provoking and controversial video about the nature of bipolar disorder. Through a series of colorful illustrations and photos, Blackwell argues against the medical community’s claim that bipolar disorder is caused by genes or a chemical imbalance.

    According to Blackwell, most of the psychiatric community’s theories about the biology of bipolar disorder are actually a myth. He contends that bipolar disorder has no easy explanations, and he urges people to start viewing mental illness as something we are still far from fully understanding.

  • TEDxTerryTalks – Laura Bain – Living with Bipolar Type II

    TEDxTerryTalks – Laura Bain – Living with Bipolar Type II

    On the outside, Laura Bain looks like a bright, happy young woman. She describes herself as a science and sailing enthusiast, as a daughter and younger sister to three older brothers. Laura also has bipolar disorder.

    In this TEDx talk, Laura goes beyond the standard psychiatric definitions of bipolar disorder. She bravely shares the realities of living with a condition that randomly propels her through soaring emotional highs and deep depressive lows. Laura shares her difficult and sometimes disappointing attempts at therapy and medication. And she describes how she finally learned to talk about, and come to terms with her condition.

  • Best Bipolar Disorder Videos: Worth Watching

    Best Bipolar Disorder Videos: Worth Watching

    Bipolar disorder can be an unpredictable, and sometimes frightening condition. Standard psychiatric definitions can’t fully explain the realities of life with the ups and downs of the condition.

    The featured videos were created to explore the realities of living with bipolar disorder. The people who have bravely and boldly put their condition in the spotlight did so to bring bipolar disorder out of the shadows, and to help people who are living with the condition find the emotional support they need to move forward.