10 Best Allergy Videos of 2013

10 Best Allergy Videos of 2013

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  • Do You Have an Allergy?

    Do You Have an Allergy?

    Allergies are one of the most common conditions Americans — both adults and children — deal with each year. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says almost 17 million Americans were diagnosed with hay fever in the last year alone.

    Food allergies are increasingly common, too. As much as six percent of American children have an allergy to one or more foods, according to the CDC.

    These 10 videos cover the gamut of allergies—from common ragweed to less common food allergies—and how people of all ages are fighting back with homemade remedies, the latest scientific research, and support from their loved ones.

  • Fighting Sinuses & Allergies - Tried & Tested

    Fighting Sinuses & Allergies - Tried & Tested

    Achoo! It’s an all too familiar sound in the spring and fall, when pollen is filling the air—and your nostrils. In this video, ClickNetworkTV host Shu An tests out several over-the-counter seasonal allergy treatments and gives you a real-time view of their effectiveness . She enthusiastically tests out some of the more common remedies, including an eyewash, sinus rinse, and face steamer. If you see something you think might help, try it out. The unicorn hat is optional.  

  • We're Crazy Close To A Cure For Allergies

    We're Crazy Close To A Cure For Allergies

    Is a cure for allergies near? Possibly! Anthony Carboni, host of DNews, an online news site from the Discovery Channel, explains how science is getting closer to making allergies a thing of the past.

    We know that allergies are in part hereditary and part environmental, and researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified the single genetic pathway responsible for the most common allergies. They’ve also found a medicine that can block that pathway from triggering allergic responses fairly effectively. All these things combined means we’re close to finding an effective allergy treatment—even a potential cure.

  • Living with Severe Food Allergies - Our Special Life

    Living with Severe Food Allergies - Our Special Life

    Emma is an average 7 year old. She enjoys going to friends’ birthday parties; she likes cupcakes; and she enjoys cooking with her mom. What’s different about Emma is that she can’t eat many of the same foods her friends do. She is, in fact, allergic to almost every major food allergen.

    This video details the efforts Emma, her mom Natalie, and her father and sister go to in order to keep Emma healthy and safe. This is a great watch for parents whose children have been recently diagnosed with food allergies. You’ll see that, although their food is different, your child’s life can be very normal.

  • Kids Living With Food Allergies

    Kids Living With Food Allergies

    For parents of children with food allergies, it’s useful to hear from others in a similar situation. The folks at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) asked kids with food allergies to talk about their stories and how allergies affect their lives.

    These kids share how it feels to have an allergic reaction, and they’re also honest about what it’s like to be isolated from their friends because of allergies. If your child was recently diagnosed, or if you’re a caretaker for children with food allergies, this video can help you experience food allergies from the perspective of the children you care for each day.

  • Hayden's Food Allergy Video

    Hayden's Food Allergy Video

    Seven-year-old Hayden has severe food allergies, and he relies on the people in his life to help him stay safe. Hayden’s mom explains what she and her family do for Hayden each day, including sticking to some simple rules to ensure Hayden stays clear of his allergens: washing hands before playing with Hayden, no sharing food, and a grown-up needs to read the list of ingredients before Hayden tries something new.

    This video is easy to understand, so families with young children might benefit from watching it together. Then, you can discuss how you’ll use these same rules to keep a member of your family safe.

  • Understanding Food Allergy

    Understanding Food Allergy

    Organisms invade our bodies all the time. Bacteria, germs, and viruses—they’re constantly barging into and leaving our bodies. Some make us sick; some don’t. From time to time, some normally harmless substances, like pollen, enter our bodies and make us very sick. These substances, called allergens, can cause symptoms such as swelling, hives, and shortness of breath. In this video, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) breaks down this process of an allergic reaction in easy-to-understand terms.

  • Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

    Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

    Allergy medications, while often effective, can cause some unwanted side effects. The medicines can make you feel tired and groggy, and they may make normal functions more difficult. Natural remedies, however, may be effective at reducing allergy symptoms without the unwanted side effects. 

    In this video, Dr. Ed Lamadrid, a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine in Chicago, explains some of the most common natural remedies used to treat seasonal allergies. The best part: Many of these treatments can be used with one another and even with medication. Just be sure to talk with your doctor before combining any medicines with herbal remedies.

  • Hay Fever Sneezing Comic Relief Cure

    Hay Fever Sneezing Comic Relief Cure

    The sneezing fits brought on by seasonal allergies can be very irritating, especially when you feel like you’ve been sneezing for days. Brighten your spirits by watching others battle the achoos, too. In this 10-minute video (yes, 10 minutes of sneezing), you’ll watch average people and a few celebrities sneeze over and over again. You’ll also watch as an avid outdoorsman and bird watcher succumbs to the symptoms of hay fever and allergies. It’s funny, it’ll bring a smile to your face, and it’ll help you get through allergy season with a few more laughs.

  • 3 Natural Allergy Remedies You Already Have

    3 Natural Allergy Remedies You Already Have

    Suffering from seasonal allergies? No need to run to the pharmacy! The folks at Livestrong.com teamed up with nutrition expert and author Keri Glassman to talk about the efficacy of three remedies you likely already have in your home in this video

    Hint: All three of these remedies contain the flavonoid quercetin, and one of them is wine. So can you drink wine and ease your allergy symptoms? It just might be true. Cheers to that!

  • 10 Strange Allergies

    10 Strange Allergies

    Has anyone ever told you they’re allergic to exercise? Though they’re probably just trying to get out of an exhausting workout, an exercise allergy is a real thing. A money allergy is an actual allergy too, as is a shoe allergy.

    Watch this video to find out about 10 rare allergies that seem strange, and even fake. But when you learn what causes them, you’ll understand why a person who is allergic to chocolate isn’t using it as an excuse to not eat sweets. They might actually be allergic to chocolate (or, well, the bugs in the it)!

  • Best Allergies Videos of 2013

    Best Allergies Videos of 2013

    No two people suffer from allergies the same way. Some people experience very mild symptoms that could easily go unnoticed, while others have severe anaphylactic responses to even the tiniest exposure.

    Understanding what causes allergies and how your body reacts to an allergen is important. It’s also essential that loved ones of a person with an allergy understand what a reaction looks like, and knows what to do if there is one. These 10 videos can help. They’re a great place to start when learning about allergies, what they’re like, and what you can do to make living with them easier.