10 Best ADHD Videos of 2015

Best ADHD Videos of 2015

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  • Best ADHD Videos of 2015

    Best ADHD Videos of 2015

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by fidgeting, decreased attention span, and difficulty finishing tasks. According to the National Institutes of Health, ADHD afflicts 3 to 5 percent of children in the United States. Many of those affected carry symptoms through adulthood. Check out these videos about ADHD to get an in-depth overview of the disorder and learn ways you can get help.

  • One Cheetah’s Fight Against ADHD

    One Cheetah’s Fight Against ADHD

    Animals with Low Self-Esteem uses a fast-moving cheetah as a metaphor for ADHD. This lighthearted clip chronicles one cheetah’s inability to stay calm in his fast-paced world of constant hunting and environmental changes. You’ll appreciate the humor behind the cheetah’s troubles, as well as the parallels between his struggles and some of your own. As a bonus, you’ll learn how you can send the cheetah to college.

  • Harlem Shake with My ADHD Support Group

    Harlem Shake with My ADHD Support Group

    While ADHD can cause attention problems, many people with the disorder are considered highly creative. This helped spawn the “Harlem Shake” from Totally ADD. There’s just one major flaw in the video: other core individuals behind the idea forgot to show up at the taping session. The “Harlem Shake” takes a hilarious look at the aspects of ADHD/ADD that can affect everyday situations. At the end of the clip, you’ll likely be “shaking” with laughter!

  • ADHD: Setting the Record Straight

    ADHD: Setting the Record Straight

    While ADHD has a lighter side, sometimes it’s not so funny. In this DNews clip, Trace Dominguez uses a light tone to describe some of the facts about the disorder. You’ll learn that ADHD is classified in three sub-categories: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combination (a fusion of the previous two). On top of that, you can gain insight into the history of the disorder, and how it was wrongly classified as “mental derangement” in the 1700s. The video asserts that increased awareness has led to the uptick in diagnoses. Take a few minutes and learn about the medical challenges of ADHD, including possible drug addiction.

  • Flynn Pharma ADHD Explainer

    Flynn Pharma ADHD Explainer

    Many ADHD videos are aimed towards adults. This leaves out the largest group of diagnosed patients: children. MotionWorx created “Flynn Pharma ADHD Explainer” with children ages 6 to 12 in mind. Metaphors, such as a postman delivering letters as messages between brain cells, can help this age group better understand the condition. Watch this video with your kids to learn more about the symptoms of the disorder, as well as their causes.  

  • Overcoming ADHD and Learning Disabilities

    Overcoming ADHD and Learning Disabilities

    Produced by ACE Clinics, this video chronicles the experiences of one family who had success with the clinic’s program for a young boy with ADHD. Some of the improved issues include: lack of focus, speaking before thinking it out first, and an inability to wait. The clinic used by the family specializes in treatment through cognitive therapy rather than medication. It’s important to discuss all methods of treatment with your doctor before switching ADHD therapies.

  • ADHD as a Difference in Cognition, Not a Disorder

    ADHD as a Difference in Cognition, Not a Disorder

    ADHD is commonly referred to as a brain disorder, but there are other takes on it. This 13-minute film by TEDx Talks asserts that ADHD is simply categorized by differences in function, and not a disordered way of thinking. It chronicles a speech made by student, filmmaker, writer, and ADHD patient Stephen Tonti. Be prepared to be inspired, and experience your own differences in thinking when you watch his speech.

  • How To Know If You Have ADHD

    How To Know If You Have ADHD

    YouTuber Ryan Higa explains what it’s like to have ADHD from his perspective in this five-minute video. Higa is not a doctor or professional — he’s simply a YouTube actor who has been diagnosed with the condition. His quirky, unconventional take gives you insight into what it’s like to be in the mind of someone with ADHD. He also provides several examples of ADHD thoughts and behaviors he has, saying that if you can relate you probably have it too. The video is a fun watch whether you have ADHD or not.

  • 10 Things Only People with Attention Problems Understand

    10 Things Only People with Attention Problems Understand

    Produced by Buzzfeed, this two-minute video highlights 10 common problems people with attention issues experience. The video is playful, with actors demonstrating short scenarios ranging from losing your keys to what it’s like when Adderall kicks in and then wears off. If you have ADHD, you’ll probably be able to relate to some of these and have a few laughs.

  • Bill's ADDventures - Distraction & Indecision

    Bill's ADDventures - Distraction & Indecision

    Inattention is one ADHD symptom that can lead to difficulties in making decisions for people with the disorder. This three-and-a-half-minute video, produced by totallyADD.com, uses psychiatrist and ADHD expert Dr. Umesh Jain and a character, Bill, to show you how inattention can affect your life. Bill, who has ADHD, struggles with the ability to make a decision, while his frustrated wife waits for him. Dr. Jain returns, explains why Bill is having trouble, and offers helpful strategies on how you can stay focused and make decisions more easily. While Bill’s part in the video is a little silly, Dr. Jain’s insights are helpful.

  • Why Can't I Fall Asleep?

    Why Can't I Fall Asleep?

    Dr. David Pomeroy addresses one common reason why adults, and particularly adults with ADHD, have trouble falling asleep at night. This two-minute video, produced by totallyADD.com, features Dr. Pomeroy explaining the impact electronic devices have on our sleep. If you find yourself on the computer, smartphone, or watching TV late at night and then wonder why you can’t fall sleep, this is worth watching.

  • 4 New Facts About ADHD

    4 New Facts About ADHD

    Therapist and blogger Kati Morton talks about four new facts about ADHD that appear in the recently released fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Morton breaks down the more complex language used in the DSM-V and explains what these new changes mean and how they can affect people being diagnosed with ADHD. If you’re interested in the latest developments on what doctors and therapists are learning about ADHD, Morton’s video blog is a good resource.

  • Start the Discussion

    Start the Discussion

    You should feel more confident about discussing ADHD with your loved ones and doctor after watching these short videos. ADHD can be stressful for all parties involved, but you’re not alone and there is plenty of help. From behavioral therapy to simple lifestyle changes at home, you can successfully manage symptoms and live a healthy, fulfilling life.