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The Best Knee Replacement Blogs of 2013

  • Best Knee Replacement Blogs of 2013

    Facing total knee replacement (TKR) can be simultaneously frightening and a huge relief. These fantastic blogs can be important to your healing journey. They provide medical insight, breaking news, pre- and post-surgery care information, and the stories of others who have traveled the path from pain to wellness.

    Read this cross-section of opinion and experience to feel enlightened, comforted, and even entertained.

  • Dr. Tarlow on Knees: The Lighter Side

    Knee expert and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stefan D. Tarlow is devoted to making patients’ feel better. He’s helped patients with knee injuries understand their options and get the most out of rehabilitation for 24 years.

    The Lighter Side is filled with useful images, regularly updated content and news, and important medical information. Dr. Tarlow places emphasis on the importance of total health—including diet, smoking cessation, and weight loss—in keeping knees safe and strong.

  • Knee1

    This comprehensive guide covers total knee replacement and much more. Knee1 is fueled by the most up-to-date medical and lifestyle information. It provides videos, reader polls, a physician finder, and interactive care tools.

    This blog contains just about everything a patient or medical professional needs to know.

  • Arthritis Connect

    Your hardworking knees go through enough without frequently being subjected to crippling arthritis. You’re not alone. Arthritis Connect offers help in the form of a social network where patients share their stories, treatments, recommendations, and more.

    Check out videos and group discussions, and feel free to post questions, comments, and your own advice.

  • Dr. William Barrett's Joint Replacement Blog

    The Joint Center at the University of Washington’s Medicine’s Valley Medical Center has been ranked as the Pacific Northwest’s #1 place for joint replacement since 2009.

    Dr William Barrett’s Joint Replacement Blog contains comprehensive, well-written information on all aspects of TKR. The blog includes the newest information on procedures, pre- and post-op care, and important things to know if you’re considering surgery.

  •'s Orthopedics Blog’s Orthopedics Blog covers just about everything you need to know about knees and other orthopedic issues. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Cluett presents information on pain management, surgery risks, drug evaluations, and post-surgery activities.

    Check out reader responses for personal perspectives on wellness and exercise.

  • Medline Plus's Knee Replacement Page

    Medline Plus’s Knee Replacement Page is a great resource for all things knee. Start with the basics or dive right into articles from the world’s medical journals.

    A service of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Medline Plus gives you options like email alerts and translation from English into 14 languages.

    View tutorials and surgery videos (don’t try this at home!), and access the most recent information on clinical trials.

  • AAOS's Total Knee Replacement Page

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ page, known as OrthoInfo, is a go-to resource whether you’re considering surgery or recovering from it. Anatomy illustrations help you understand causes and solutions. Discussion of the pros and cons of treatment help you set appropriate expectations.

    The blog takes issues into consideration that you might not have thought of, like how to set up your home for recovery. This practical guide is a must-read!

  • BoneSmart

    BoneSmart is a forum alive with the voices of patients. Hear from those who are considering knee or hip replacement and those who have been there and have insights to share.

    Visit if you’re recently diagnosed, hoping to delay surgery, or have questions about post-op conditions like pneumonia. You can also contribute encouragement and resources to others.

  • BookToots

    Author Marie Buckner was in a car accident that resulted in multiple injuries, two years in a body cast, and total knee replacement. Yet she maintains a cheerful, encouraging tone in BookToots to help others heal and move forward with their lives.

    Buckner’s two eBooks address preparing for TKR and post-op insomnia. When reader feedback includes, “Thank you for starting this forum. Bless you!” you know you’ve found a winning blog.

  • Read and Be Inspired

    No one looks forward to undergoing major surgery. Yet most people who choose total knee replacement are extremely satisfied with the results. If TKR has been recommended to you or a loved one, get as much information—and inspiration—as you can.

    Read these blogs for comprehensive professional and personal advice. You might find yourself contributing to forums, or even blogging about your own experience.

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