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The Best Knee Replacement Blogs of the Year

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  • Best Knee Replacement Blogs of 2015

    Best Knee Replacement Blogs of 2015

    We tend to forget how valuable our knees are until they need some help. But doctors aren’t the only ones who care for knee health. These award-winning blogs prove that patients love knees too.

    Bloggers touch on the details of total knee replacement (TKR), surgery, and joint anatomy. They also share personal stories and experiences with those who are most involved in the orthopedic community. Keep reading to see the best knee replacement blogs of the year.

  • Doctor Tarlow on Knees - The Lighter Side

    Doctor Tarlow on Knees - The Lighter Side

    "Joint Replacement Can Lead to Improved Sexual Function." You know you've found something special when you come across a blog post like that. While not every post on Doctor Tarlow on Knees - The Lighter Side is about sex, you can be assured that Dr. Stefan D. Tarlow focuses on the more interesting aspects of knee replacement and joint health content.

    Dr. Tarlow (also known as Dr. T) translates difficult medical journal-speak into illustrated blog posts that are actually fun to read. This blog is a must for anyone facing TKR.

  • Knee1.com


    The award-winning website Knee1.com presents a world of features, all revolving around the knee joint. When you visit the site, start at the education center section. It covers conditions, diagnostics, and expert advice. Next, check out the physician finder. It’s a great place to go for anything from a brief knee orientation to a deep-knee dive. 

    Additional sections include multimedia, community, care tools, and more. You can even create your own “kneeblog” and share your “kneestory.” This is definitely the type of joint where the knee is number one.

  • Arthritis Connect

    Arthritis Connect

    If you feel like you’re facing a million health care and medical procedure choices, head over to Arthritis Connect. The site is a vibrant online space where you can share stories, meet other patients, and take charge of your situation.

    This blog is all about overcoming painful joint conditions through lifestyle improvement techniques. There are sections for discussions, news articles, videos, and product reviews. The blog even includes recipes for tasty meals that can reduce knee pain by decreasing inflammation of the joints.

  • Dr. William Barrett's Joint Replacement Blog

    Dr. William Barrett's Joint Replacement Blog

    This year, U.S. News ranked the University of Washington's medical school as the country’s best. That top ranking shines through in Dr. William Barrett's Joint Replacement Blog, hosted by the Valley Medical Center website.

    Dr. Barrett is a nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon and the Medical Director for the VMC Joint Center. He’s especially good at helping his audience understand the benefits of the latest surgical techniques. He spells out in simple terms these medical topics and others that might seem complicated.

  • About.com Orthopedics

    About.com Orthopedics

    About.com is a smart start for any type of background research, and the About.com: Orthopedics section does not disappoint. Orthopedics guide Dr. Jonathan Cluett is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He simply loves helping people learn about bones. As a bonus, he specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy. Dr. Cluett has all the clues when it comes to anything knee-related. 

    In addition to all the basic information on TKR, Dr. Cluett keeps the blog timely with posts on a variety of topics. He covers subjects like traveling with a new knee and the ongoing controversy over TKR and antibiotics.

  • U.S. National Library of Medicine: Knee Replacement

    U.S. National Library of Medicine: Knee Replacement

    Any reader with complaints of the knee will be awestruck by the useful information the U.S. National Library of Medicine: Knee Replacement page provides. You’ll find a wealth of relevant information, from slideshows and questions to ask your doctor, to information on what to expect when you get home from a TKR. 

    The Library of Medicine also provides articles in Spanish. Speakers of other languages are served as well, with articles in many languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

  • AAOS OrthoInfo: Total Knee Replacement

    AAOS OrthoInfo: Total Knee Replacement

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons OrthoInfo: Total Knee Replacement (AAOS) website has triple-platinum information on all things knee. Founded in 1933, the AAOS is the top research organization dedicated to understanding all types of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

    Information on this site is peer-reviewed by AAOS doctors from the OrthoInfo Editorial Board. It gives before, during, and after perspectives on TKR. Learn everything from why surgery is necessary to what to expect from your new knee. Also helpful is a checklist of what to ask your surgeon.

  • BoneSmart: Knee Replacement Surgery

    BoneSmart: Knee Replacement Surgery

    If you want to make intelligent decisions about your leg bones, you’ll want to check out the BoneSmart: Knee Replacement Surgery blog. This complete resource is presented by the nonprofit group, Foundation for the Advancement of Research Medicine.

    The blog has great information on knee replacement procedures. It covers TKR, knee implants, and everything else related to knee health and knee pain. It also includes a forum, a discussion board with lots of active conversations and tips on knee health.

  • Booktoots' Healing

    Booktoots' Healing

    For in-depth stories about whole-body healing and TKR, check out the Booktoots' Healing blog. Author MarieB has written thousands of articles over the years. She started this blog as part of her healing process after undergoing a TKR surgery in 2008. 

    Booktoots’ Healing has proved so popular that fans have asked MarieB to write books about her experiences. One very helpful book is the 32-page ebook, “TKR Pre-Op.” It’s packed with everything you need to know before surgery.

  • Read for Your Knees

    Read for Your Knees

    The knee is one of the most important joints in the body. And knee surgery is among the most common surgical procedures. This means there are many resources to help you learn all about knee replacement, including these award-winning blogs.

    Through these websites, you can learn about anything from the basic knee anatomy, to step-by-step guides to hospitalization. Check in with these blogs and find out what you need to know if knee replacement is on the horizon for you or a loved one.