11 Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2012

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  • 11 Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2012

    11 Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2012

    It’s not easy trying to manage a sleep disorder, especially in a society that touts hyper-productivity, caffeine, and energy drinks like the world’s saving grace. If you or a loved one suffers from a sleep disorder, be grateful for the hard work of these tireless bloggers and sleep experts.

    These top writers have been working around the clock to keep you sleeping well, informed about sleep health, and in-the-know about the latest in sleep medicine and research. Rest assured that these bloggers will keep up the great work, one night at a time.

  • Wake Up Narcolepsy

    Wake Up Narcolepsy

    Wake Up Narcolepsy truly is “shining light on narcolepsy” for all of its readers and members. A non-profit organization dedicated to narcolepsy advocacy and awareness, Wake Up Narcolepsy treats its readers to a variety of up-to-date narcolepsy news, top-notch medical opinions, and an active sleep disorder community.

    When they’re not busy running marathons and sponsoring conferences for narcolepsy awareness, they are busy encouraging the world of research to find a cure for the disorder. It seems like they’re awake to the possibilities of an active blog! 

  • Sleepio


    Founded by sleep experts and scientists, Sleepio aims to put its readers to sleep – for real! Dedicated to bringing you the latest in sleep-related news, Sleepio also offers a computer-based course to help readers overcome insomnia and other sleep disorders.

    A fascinating read, Sleepio addresses something that matters to us all: our nighttime snooze. From nightmares and sleepwalking to social jetlag and inherited insomnia, Sleepio features insightful articles and regular video talks from co-founder and sleep professor Colin Espie. This is one site you’ll want to sleep on.

  • Confessions of a Narcoleptic

    Confessions of a Narcoleptic

    This East coast NarcoGirl is rolling with the punches - and the pain - caused by narcolepsy, lupus, and fibromyalgia. Luckily for her readers, she keeps it together with a cheerful attitude on work, family life, and chronic illness. Full of fun personal stories and witty commentary, NarcoGirl shares her upbeat take on life managing meds and making ends meet on her blog, Confessions of a Narcoleptic.

    Check out NarcoGirl’s fun and fabulous blog for frank diary-style writing and an experience dotted with relevant news on pharmaceuticals, sleep disorders, and health insurance tips.

  • N is for Narcolepsy

    N is for Narcolepsy

    Narcoleptic blogger and ex-pat Ellie sends her stories to the web from her home in Germany. If learning about life as a narcoleptic in another country weren’t interesting enough, N is for Narcolepsy also provides useful updates on narcolepsy medication and research.

    Ellie keeps things interesting, and her blog provides a casual mix of personal appeal and international zest. You won’t have any trouble staying awake for these posts! This long-time narcolepsy blogger is on a mission: make life better despite – or perhaps because of – narcolepsy. 

  • The Insomnia Blog

    The Insomnia Blog

    Sleep Doctor Michael Breus’s Insomnia Blog makes time for the masses. This clinical psychologist with a specialty in sleep disorders is dedicated to helping everyone achieve a good night’s sleep. Dr. Breus truly understands that everything from insomnia to busy lives can interfere with nature’s recharge mechanism.

    Also an author and magazine columnist, The Sleep Doctor stays involved with his audience by answering readers’ sleep questions and writing about what matters to you most. Follow him on Facebook, join him on Twitter, or just check out his Insomnia Blog every week – you won’t be sorry! 

  • WebMD's Sleep Well

    WebMD's Sleep Well

    Another fabulous sleep disorder blog by Dr. Michael Breus, WebMD’s Sleep Well covers a variety of sleep-related issues, from the dangers of driving tired to the importance of discussing sleep difficulties with your doctor.

    This Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine knows it all; Dr. Breus keeps readers well-informed, healthy, and involved in their health. Sign up for the Sleep Well newsletter or join other sleep-challenged readers in the WebMD Sleep Disorders Community, and put your tossing and turning to an end.

  • Insomnia Land – The Blog

    Insomnia Land – The Blog

    Welcome to Insomnia Land – The Blog, where insomniacs and poor sleepers alike can find answers to sleep problems, feelings of isolation, and common insomnia questions. Designed to bring insomniacs together for community, advocacy, and education, Insomnia Land offers discussion forums and newsletters for its members.

    Be brave and unafraid, and learn about managing your insomnia from people who know what you are experiencing. Check out Insomnia Land and rest easy knowing that you finally found an online, insomnia-friendly home.

  • The Sleep Lady

    The Sleep Lady

    No matter your sleep question, chances are that the Sleep Lady has the answer. Offering incisive video talks and responding to reader questions about everything from parenting and sleep schedules to chronic sleep deprivation and naptimes, Sleep Lady does her job with flare and style.

    Drop by for a lesson in good sleep and parenting tips from this Licensed Clinical Social Worker and practicing child and family therapist. Kim West, The Sleep Lady extraordinaire, will have you or your kids snoozing peacefully in no time.

  • Hypnagogia


    In this fascinating Hypnagogia blog, “all things sleep related” come to light. From snoring remedies to REM and lucid dreams, this sleep blogger offers a steady dose of hi-tech sleep analysis information mixed with personal insights, product reviews, and top-notch photography.

    Describing the ins and outs of sleep therapies and documenting the sleep profiles of this blogger and son might be exhausting for some writers, but the talented author of Hypnagogia keeps this sleep blog highly educational and entertaining to boot.

  • Sleep Scholar

    Sleep Scholar

    Aimed at sleep disorder professionals and curious patients alike, Sleep Scholar offers high-quality blog posts on medical controversies, recent research, and sleep-related news. Designed and directed by a large board of medical and sleep professionals, this expert blog offers a wealth of information and insight to its audience.

    Learn about sleep medicine straight from the professionals behind the science, and take advantage of this educational resource to help you – or your patients – achieve a better night’s sleep.

  • Sleep Education Blog

    Sleep Education Blog

    The Sleep Education Blog is a one-of-a-kind resource for individuals with sleep disorders or their families and friends. This site boasts a wide variety of sleep resources, covering the sleep topics that matter most.

    The Sleep Education Blog delivers its news straight from the digital mouth of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for the benefit of readers (and sleepers) everywhere. Stop by to learn about recent sleep disorder studies, advocacy and awareness events, and the impact sleep disorders can have on everything from body weight to cognitive abilities.

  • Sleep Disorder Closing

    Sleep Disorder Closing

    Whether you suffer from insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or another sleep condition, these top-notch blogs are here to make life easier for you. Take advantage of their news, event updates, sleep tips, medical advice, and online community to bring your health and sleep into the forefront of your life.

    Show these bloggers and organizations that you appreciate their contributions to your nightly snooze. Stop by and sign up for their forums and newsletters, or find them on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed and well-rested!