The Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2015

The Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2015

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  • The Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2015

    The Best Sleep Disorder Blogs of 2015

    It’s not easy trying to manage a sleep disorder, especially in a society that touts hyper-productivity, caffeine, and energy drinks like the world’s saving grace. If you or a loved one suffers from a sleep disorder, be grateful for the hard work of these tireless bloggers and sleep experts.

    These top writers have been working around the clock to keep you sleeping well, informed about sleep health, and in-the-know about the latest in sleep medicine and research. Rest assured that these bloggers will keep up the great work, one night at a time.

  • Sleepio


    Founded by sleep experts and scientists, Sleepio aims to put its readers to sleep – for real! Dedicated to bringing you the latest in sleep-related news, Sleepio also offers a computer-based course to help readers overcome insomnia and other sleep disorders.

    A fascinating read, Sleepio addresses something that matters to us all: our nighttime snooze. From nightmares and sleepwalking to social jetlag and inherited insomnia, Sleepio features insightful articles and regular video talks from co-founder and sleep professor Colin Espie. This is one site you’ll want to sleep on.

  • The Insomnia Blog

    The Insomnia Blog

    Sleep Doctor Michael Breus’s Insomnia Blog makes time for the masses. This clinical psychologist with a specialty in sleep disorders is dedicated to helping everyone achieve a good night’s sleep. Dr. Breus truly understands that everything from insomnia to busy lives can interfere with nature’s recharge mechanism.

    Also an author and magazine columnist, The Sleep Doctor stays involved with his audience by answering readers’ sleep questions and writing about what matters to you most. Follow him on Facebook, join him on Twitter, or just check out his Insomnia Blog every week – you won’t be sorry! 

  • Insomnia Land – The Blog

    Insomnia Land – The Blog

    Welcome to Insomnia Land – The Blog, where insomniacs and poor sleepers alike can find answers to sleep problems, feelings of isolation, and common insomnia questions. Designed to bring insomniacs together for community, advocacy, and education, Insomnia Land offers discussion forums and newsletters for its members.

    Be brave and unafraid, and learn about managing your insomnia from people who know what you are experiencing. Check out Insomnia Land and rest easy knowing that you finally found an online, insomnia-friendly home.

  • The Sleep Lady

    The Sleep Lady

    No matter your sleep question, chances are that the Sleep Lady has the answer. Offering incisive video talks and responding to reader questions about everything from parenting and sleep schedules to chronic sleep deprivation and naptimes, Sleep Lady does her job with flare and style.

    Drop by for a lesson in good sleep and parenting tips from this Licensed Clinical Social Worker and practicing child and family therapist. Kim West, The Sleep Lady extraordinaire, will have you or your kids snoozing peacefully in no time.

  • Sleep Scholar

    Sleep Scholar

    Aimed at sleep disorder professionals and curious patients alike, Sleep Scholar offers high-quality blog posts on medical controversies, recent research, and sleep-related news. Designed and directed by a large board of medical and sleep professionals, this expert blog offers a wealth of information and insight to its audience.

    Learn about sleep medicine straight from the professionals behind the science, and take advantage of this educational resource to help you – or your patients – achieve a better night’s sleep.

  • About Sleep Disorders

    About Sleep Disorders

    The About sites are a healthy resource for many aspects of health news, and sleep is no exception. Dr. Brandon Peters and the About team cover nearly every aspect of sleep-wellness at About Sleep Disorders. Peters is a neurology and sleep medicine specialist and consulting assistant professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University's School of Medicine. But despite this heavy dose of professional acumen, the blog is so appealing and easy to read it might keep you up at night. Go here for helpful, applicable information on apnea and healthy sleep habits. You’ll also find new studies that might put you right out.


    The National Sleep Foundation wants you to tuck into a perfectly sleepy bedroom and get a good night’s rest. Whether you want to find out if you have the right kind of bed, proper nighttime wear, or the effects of daylight savings time on sleep, this blog has topical info and opinions. offers especially attractive posts on getting your bedroom setup perfect for deep dreaming.

  • Julie Flygare

    Julie Flygare

    Narcolepsy is a debilitating condition in which sufferers cannot regulate their sleep. Sleep attacks hit without notice when you feel you should be awake and insomnia breaks up healthy nighttime sleep. Julie Flygare was suddenly, almost literally, struck down by narcolepsy in her early twenties. But she didn’t stay down. In collaboration with the Harvard Medical School, TV programs, radio interviews, and a fundraising project she launched herself, Flygare has brought narcolepsy to the attention of thousands. Her blog posts are easy to read even on complicated medical topics. Not surprisingly, her memoir on narcolepsy has won top literary honors.

  • Dr. Steven Park

    Dr. Steven Park

    Apnea is a potentially serious disorder. It’s characterized by a sudden stop-and-start of breathing during sleep. It can disrupt healthful sleep even if you don’t wake up for long periods of time.

    There are two kinds of apnea. Obstructive apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax. Central sleep apnea happens when your brain doesn’t send the right instructions to muscles that control breathing. Dr. Steven Park deals with both kinds. Read this blog to learn about why you may be exhausted even though you don’t have long periods of nighttime wakefulness, like people who have insomnia.

  • Wake Up Narcolepsy

    Wake Up Narcolepsy

    Wake Up Narcolepsy truly is “shining light on narcolepsy” for all of its readers and members. A non-profit organization dedicated to narcolepsy advocacy and awareness, Wake Up Narcolepsy treats its readers to a variety of up-to-date narcolepsy news, top-notch medical opinions, and an active sleep disorder community.

    When they’re not busy running marathons and sponsoring conferences for narcolepsy awareness, they are busy encouraging the world of research to find a cure for the disorder. It seems like they’re awake to the possibilities of an active blog! 

  • Give Sleep a Chance

    Give Sleep a Chance

    Whether you have insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or another sleep condition, these top-notch blogs are here to make life easier for you. Take advantage of the news, event updates, sleep tips, and medical advice they offer as well as the online community they provide.

    Get involved by signing up for their newsletters and contributing to forums. You can also connect with most of these blogs on Facebook and Twitter. Stay informed and well rested!

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